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  • makina_3 makina_3 Jul 1, 1999 4:31 PM Flag

    ZF ... LAWSUIT??? from EEOC

    eeoc alleges age discrimination... Please talk
    about the most recent press release and what effect
    this may have on z. How serious is this??? Please
    don't sugar coat it just tell your informed or
    uniformed opinion.

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    • You got me on the German hippie deal, I give up.
      As for the name of the muskie in the Rice Lake bar
      (used to be The Buckhorn), muskie's name was "Old
      Satchel-ass". Rice Lakers, help me out on this! JAK

    • Thank you for your opinion! Thats why I am still
      holding out and waiting to see some positive direction
      with this stock. Talked to some analyst friend of
      mine, will be seeing a couple more tonite at the pig
      roast, they are all in big time, and see what their
      directives are. (Will share with youll)
      Same question:
      What do you call a german hippie!

    • Gary,
      The rodent family accepts another GARY,
      I was the only one so far!
      Like I said in my
      emails, I bought and sold and made good money, but I am
      waiting for the big one to pop, and right now I dont see
      the trent that it would do that. Someone, like Al has
      to take the bull by the horns and pull that sucker,
      eh?? Dont like to be negative, thats not my character
      but one has to be realistic in this
      Getting ready to go to my friends house for another 4th
      party, here in Hudson they fire off the fire works on
      the end of the Booster days, today. He lives on the
      hill top overlooking the St. Croix and the pig is on
      the spit rotating ready to be consumed with beer and
      cheese of course, we know how to live here
      Question: What do you call a germen

    • Good to read you reports, but in WI the rodents
      are ruling! My fourth was brats, kraut, cababs,
      poterhouses all kinds of cheeses and veggies and MGD fresh
      taped from my beer meister at my downstairs bar, you
      like that eh?? Jawohl we had a wunderbare time and
      even spoke a lot of german (me bavarian) since we had
      guest over from germany, they had to fly back home
      Ja das war eine gute Zeit, tomorrow back to the
      market, eh??
      (Every body in
      Hudson is still stunned about that terrible boating
      accident on the ST. Croix, only a stones throw away from
      my house,it made CNN news.)

    • Hope you keep cool this week end, just saw the
      temps on TV. This board is one of the fun boards and I
      like it, this is more of a personal approach, keeps
      the stress off and is still informative.
      If you
      dont know what I mean just check out FIBR, BIGX or
      LOCK and youll get the drift. The language they are
      using is cause enough for shutting those boards

    • You are a riot!! I love it, just happend that I
      might take that route soon to Ohio and keep an eye out
      for that one sitting on the roof.
      I HEREBY
      FAMILY!! (You earned it)
      ZeeFree you have an excellent
      sniffer, (read your buckhorn follow up) so what are you
      sniffing/saying about Z???

    • Whatever you say buddy, you know all. When you
      read, how's your comprehension? Sometimes it's funny
      how people can read something and not be able to
      comprehend what they've read. Yet, just because they can't
      understand it they think it's inaccurate and incorrect. When
      actually it is the person reading it that does not
      understand. You should know that the charts are reliable
      regardless of the status of a company. The fact is that
      charts and any other means used to predict movements of
      stock prices are all suspect. Read the post again,
      maybe eventually you will understand it. Obviously you
      do just "play" the charts as you have a very limited
      understanding of them. So what else do you throw out the window
      when assesing a stock to invest in?

    • feed your ego and have your fun, but please stop
      posting your chartist opinions. "It could go above 12,
      but it could go below 6, and if it goes above 12
      watch out 40, and if it goes below 6 watch out 2". I
      also "play" the charts and you should know that they
      are "reliable" with a good solid stock with good PR
      that knows how to play up the good news and play down
      the bad. Charts get thrown out the window with a
      crappy company in the middle of turtoil.

    • what's wrong with Ocean Grove?

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