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Dorchester Hugoton, Ltd. (DHULZ) Message Board

  • JAVELIN2625 JAVELIN2625 Nov 7, 2000 11:50 AM Flag


    DHULZ and not pushing personal web locations, you
    should note that DHULZ will earn more than $1.50 per
    share for 2000. Since DHULZ is a MLP (master limited
    partnership), 90% of earnings must eventually go to the unit
    holders by law. So, the DHULZ income rate for 2000 is
    about 10%. The price and availability of natural gas
    promises to maintain this income rate and perhaps increase
    over the immediate future until natural gas
    availability comes back into balance with demand. So, don't
    sell your units carelessly. The future is bright,
    especially if management finally decides to unlock unit
    value by a merger with a bigger company.

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    • Iv'e been waiting for that JAVE; for quite a
      while now. Was think of buying some more but I'm not
      very happy with the way this outfit communicates. They
      appear to be comatose. Wish they would unlock the value
      in this thing.

      • 1 Reply to BrightonBeachBum
      • DHULZ management wakes up and takes advantage of
        this unusual period of high natural gas prices to
        realize a nice merger with a larger company at a
        favorable exchange price. Management doesn't appear to want
        to communicate with the unit holders more than the
        minimum required by the SEC. But eventually this nice
        price environment will disappear and the opportunity
        for a favorable merger will also disappear because
        the presently phenomenal cash flow will be cut in
        We can only hope that management reads some of these
        messages with understanding.