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  • jerrywang99 jerrywang99 Jul 6, 2009 5:53 PM Flag

    Poor Illumina results

    Illumina put up a really bad quarter, and blamed the slow down in gene expression studies and slow funding (among other things) while next generation sequencing did quite well.

    Given the overlap in business segments, this is a major disaster for Affymetrix. This quarter will be so bad that it's going to get some senior management fired.

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    • Jerry great prediction, LOL, but to be honest you're way behind the curve when it comes to the business side and how stocks work. The ILMN vs AFFX battle you are fighting is mostly irrelevant when it comes to the short term movement in AFFX price. AFFX has missed expectations so many times, it's not very surprising that they finally put up some decent numbers given sentiment was so negative. Regression to the mean has paid off big time here for people that have been accumulating shares of AFFX in the last 6 months!

    • Illumina has been stuck on stupid for several months now. The ILMN party is definetly over. They actually have to invent now instead of being KopyCo.

    • LOL.... the senior mngmt at AFFX have driven the stock price from $30 to $5 in 2 years (and it gets worse if you go back further) and have reported bad results every quarter for more than a year and you think bad results THIS quarter are going to make heads roll? Seriously?

      Yep...the results will be bad. They will talk about how much they are going to save now that they've completed their consolidation early and that the launch of new products on the back half of this year will increase their revenue. All a bunch of BS. Everyone knows the customers are switching to ILMN and heading towards next gen sequencing... and AFFX will keep fighting wind mills and no one of consequence will lose their job. That's why AFFX trades with a market cap of $363M and ILMN trades with a market cap of $3.9B.

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