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  • czar2558 czar2558 Sep 28, 2009 10:50 PM Flag

    StockPreacher Newsletter....

    I've been tracking StockPreacher alerts for awhile now (they do 3-4 per month) and it seems they have a decent track record. They send their alert out minutes before the market opens. Some of their picks skyrocket and at the worst it seems that some of them have a minimal gain or are just flat.
    At the least they look like a good daytrade guide imo.

    Has anyone on the board tried them and what's been your experience?........Czar

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    • czar,

      Ok, I'll bite.

      No, I have not tried them. What sectors do they follow? How long is "a while now"? Are most of the picks PK/OTC BB? How much is the subscription?



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      • Hunter,
        Glad you "bit".
        From the StockPreacher website: "Stock Preacher is a free provider of stock market analysis from various sources, but primarily from its chief analyst, Paul A. Ebeling, Jr., who provides financial content and opinion, but also includes comments from money managers, investment bankers, newsletters, and blogs.

        Ebeling also publishes a proprietary weekly market letter under his trademarked “RedRoadMaster Report,” which is read by selected high net worth investors around the globe.

        The site gets its title from Ebeling’s online teaching of investment skills and practices and delineates Ebeling’s personal approach to stock picking and portfolio management. His e-book, “Knowledge is Power” is available upon download when you subscribe to the StockPreacher News Letter.

        Stock Preacher has its own editorial staff, and features stock quotes from the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, Pink Sheets and the OTC.

        Stock Preacher focuses on opinion, analysis and news, and its research content is more extensive than that of most other sites, such as Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance.

        The Stock Preacher Newsletter is available to anyone, FREE of charge, and includes the weekly “RedRoadMaster” Market Report, Stock Market Tips and Tricks and highlights select potential Emerging Growth Companies to it’s database of subscribers.

        Stock Preacher’s primary audience is money managers, research analysts, investment bankers, and individual investors, both experienced and new to trading".

        "awhile" equates to roughly the last 45 days. On 8/10 they picked "etev" and it opened at .26 (HOD was .28) close was .24
        Today's pick was "amlm" and closed up over 8 %. On 9/17 they picked "axep" and it spiked 130% within the first 30 minutes. On 9/2 they picked "fuel" and it had a 20% spike that trading day. They picked "gwsc" on 9/21 and it spiked up 40% that day. They issued an investment report on "neph" on 8/6 and it likely fed the rise going into 8/20 high.
        This stuff is definitely for daytrading and not for the faint of heart as there would never be enough time to throughly research the pick. It's a free subscription.........Czar

      • Becareful with these services. Most of them are pump & dumps. I bought into several early on and quickly lost my shirt. If you play these picks I recommend quick entry and quick exit. Set your stop loss and pray they don't tank faster than you can sell it.

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