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  • kastlem kastlem Dec 31, 2009 10:02 AM Flag

    Doc Abs

    The stock we discussed recently is taking a pullback if you are interested, may present a decent entry point for you:-)

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    • Thank you revoguy:-) Love San Fransisco btw, we were stationed in the San Joaquin for a few years and visited often. Hope the Sea Lions come home soon!!!

    • MBoss, if you don't want to know the stock or hear what Kastlem has to say, just put Kastlem on ignore and stfu. People like myself and longs respect Kastlem and value her opinion. We like to see what the next bio play she has in mind but we also do our own dd too before taking any position. With that said, go "F" off and leave Kastlem alone.

    • Kastlem,

      Ignore these fools. You're an asset to the Neph board. I've have been reading your posts for month and I enjoy every single one of them. Keep up good work. For the fools that try to bash Kastlem, "Come on Punks, make my day" hahahaha.

    • Ditto on CTIC eval, and its liquidation of Zevalin. Haven't followed the other one, but will DD it this week. The past 6 months have been brutal on pharmas, and with the 4 pharma bags Im holding, I decided to DD stocks in other sectors. LVS and BA continue to be a strong drivers. And like Wyatt, my finger's always on the trigger, but, they just keeps going up. I wish I would have loaded up more of bank of america in the 4's, but what can ya do...

    • Same thing pharma, bought a few K december of 07 first at 14cents, then when it dropped to 5cents I bought a boatload, sold a large portion when it was up, and the rest after the disappointment of the Priority Review question. I have a problem with Bianco's management (who doesn't?) but it is no secret I like Pix. So far as I can see they are meeting with FDA in Feb, and it won't be long before decision time after that. I am hoping for, and keeping an eye out for, a pre-event MM sweep. If I can get it for sub $1. that would be good. So, I am looking at picking up a position this quarter, but not rushing myself. Looking for an entry lower than its current pps. What do you think pharma? Difficult not to feel somewhat nostalgic for a stock that served so well in the past isn't it! Keeping an eye on APSN.OB also, which is just coming of a news spike after the Eli Lilly collaboraton announcement. Have you any opinion on it? I'd be glad to share on the med side of that one if anyone has any interest. But I'm interested in getting feedback on it from anyone here who may know the company better. Good/bad/ugly, opinions welcome.
      Never was a big fan of SPPI as is also pretty well known, as Zevalin I felt was a well sold by CTIC. My younger son had a position in SPPI for a short while, sold it long since.

    • Sppi is an anomaly. I'm in a quandary as to whether to start re-loading up on CTIC for the upcoming events. I initially got in at .06 and sold high, which I think is causing me to have a sense of loyalty... What about you?

    • pharma... Reminded me of a Bianco style move actually. Welcome to 2010 trading eh???

    • Well, I think the ANX question was answered today...

    • pharma, I have no problem with you and it is a shame that hyenas and trolls must spread their poison. I always share also with the best of intentions. So far as I am concerned we are on the same page with that. Peace!

    • gjonesgardenvalley Jan 4, 2010 12:59 AM Flag

      Spot on Spunky. Very well stated.

      Prosper all in 2010

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