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  • palaceo7 palaceo7 Dec 31, 2009 1:25 PM Flag

    Board Rename..KASTLNEPH

    Are we that bored and desperate for information that our posts now revolve around the dissection of a message board poster. If you have read her posts over an extended period then it is understandable that you would want to jump to her defense. If you feel her posts are anything other than a genuine resource then ignore them. Personal attacks on an educated opinion seem a waste of time and energy. Like many boards the quality of posts here have declined with the notable absence of many that 6 months ago would be found here every day. Shall we lose another and be left with the one line rants of frustrated longs or statements from the bullish and bearish agenda driven idiots. If you bought based upon her DD then only you to blame. We are seeing some pent up frustration and I for one want to direct mine at the company and the FDA not a MB poster that has only provided valuable insight over a long period of time.
    New years res for this board "live and let live"

    GLTA 2010 will see a RESULT.

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