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  • illini792 illini792 Jan 29, 2010 2:08 PM Flag

    Good Time To Add?

    I am 45k shares long in neph. I believe in their product. I am looking for someone else's thoughts on adding another 25k in the next week or so. I welcome any cogent thoughts on this. Thank you.

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    • Sure, if you want stagnant money for who knows long... DDSS and CTIC are coming and I like both chances. Just sayin'...

    • I think many of the Longs here are starting to wind down a majority of their position in NEPH over frustration with FDA and Management..
      However you possibly pulling the trigger on more shares to buy might turn out the smart move in the long run.
      Unfortunately and rightfully so,We have many pissed off investors here..
      If We can at least hear Ernest Elgin 'fart' I consider that progress//

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      • Have not sold a share and will not. After waiting this long I will stay for the conclusion of this soap opera. The board is no longer any fun, the tension between some is building up as we are all frustrated. We all choose to vent in diffrent way's and when it get's personal and people take the holyier than though route time for my a$$ to take a step back. Nothing more to be discussed really, it's all been covered time and time again. We are in the lap of the FDA for approval and Neph for any news when ever they feel the need.
        GLTA even mknutcase.

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