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  • biotraderman biotraderman Jun 5, 2013 6:24 PM Flag

    WE need a PR..... Army contract, taking this thing private....something

    Please us a crumb or something

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    • We are in a sad state of affairs when ALL of our hopes for this company comes down to the army contract. What about the viability of their products in the open market with a dedicated sales force and FDA approval. We should be garnering sales from companies and institutions, while hoping we get a bonus contract from the Army, not the other way around. The army review has been ongoing prior to the organized sales force and additional distributors for both products....and yet it is the army contract that seems to deem Neph's survival. If we get a huge order I will not complain, but the other fronts need to progress and hold their own.

    • ha, he wont even mention a hint, give a crumb as to why GK resigned and you think he will give us crumb on Army, OL-MDF, ultra filters sales? They have always been quiet, always been less than forthcoming, so we wait and hope this is the last wait we ever have to endure. I am praying this is the calm before the violent storm upwards. I am 99.999% convinced that this will skyrocket on news of 45 mil army deal. I honestly believe $5 overnight is possible

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      • Oose,
        This is my personal opinion why we are sitting where we are: The Army contract will probably come in but why would MMs try to get in now when there is always a chance of losing money? All they need to do is take out some of the sells on the way up that people have that are not monitoring this stock on a daily basis like we are, It very well could hit $5 but it will probably take a week to do it and the daytraders can be in and out with a nice profit without risk. Even a lot of the old-timers will probably sell a large piece of their stake on the initial rise. The only ones that will really reap the harvest are the ones that understand that it takes times to get the foundation for continued growth and that the potential of this company is unlimited! If you have 100K shares like Illini(and others) it will be hard to resist not selling a large portion but i don't believe the true value of this company will be reached until 2015 and beyond. When the roalties from Bellco start coming in on top of everything else that will be in place at that time we could $10 and up easily but who is going to hold onto all their shares for that much longer? I have to admit that it will be hard not to sell this time around after what this company has been thru but the signs are all pointing to a tremedous future! GLTA!

      • oose. I think you are dreaming. Really, consider tempering you expectations. Nothing in this company's past would indicate that kind of success.

        Their only success is getting a few products approved by the FDA. It's a solid achievement in my view, but they don't have the knowledge, experience or capital to commercialize anything. They aren't getting an army deal. Their only hope is a deal or buyout by a major dialysis focused company.

        Think about it, what are they going to do with $1.5M? They can go 2 more quarters. There is no possibility that they will be in the black, on a cash flow basis, in 6 months.

        It's buyout, deal with dialysis company, or bust. Bust is the most likely. The other 2 are homeruns for us. Wexford is swinging for the fences here, which is fine with me. But nobody should put all of their eggs in this basket.

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