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  • mikerobsat mikerobsat Jun 18, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    Positive and Negative at the same time...

    The postings on the MB about the Army contract are very positive for the most part. The one negative thing(IMHO) is the time frame. I really was believing this was definitely the year for incredible growth but could it be another year of struggling until the sales pick up enough and the company corrects any shortcomings in the military filters to where it is truly a "no-brainer" for the military to buy? Maybe this is the reason we are still below $1 over a year after OL-MDF approval! The market wants the done deal with the ARMY before we see any dramatic rise in price. As Oose says: "get it done Army!" GLTA!

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    • Way more NEGATIVE than positive. A HUGE flaw as been identified in the IWTDs that should have been addressed years ago. Dont assume this is an easy could take millions $$$ and years of R&D to come up with a IWTD that wont freeze. Why on earth would the ARMY do the deal now - even though they were happy with the device just a few months ago - that they have come to realize the device is not freeze -thaw capable after all?

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      • I just sent NEPH a email on how to solve the freezing. I have a private investment in a company called RBCTX. Not a public traded company. They are waiting on a contract from the army on MRE. They designed a airactivated product to heat the ready to eat meals. They can heat almost anything by air activation. They are getting new ideas daily on uses for this product. Splints have to be heated in the field, blood also. The best part, it's design is safe. I wrote nephros tech department, gave them a website address. I even suggested they could design a sleeve for canteens. This is a simple problem to correct. The by product that it gives off is safe.

        The name of the company is recharable battery, just use rbctx and you will find their site. The section you want to review is the Cool Pak info. They started off in batteries, but just like neph, they landed numerous development contracts with the army for heat activation. They just are wrapping up phase 3. The solution is already available. Just designing a simple warming method.

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      • Logic would indicate that a big improvement in terms of performace should bring orders, comparing apples to apples the neph filter provides a better finished product for it's user. The freezing issue will need to be addressed because the afghan mountains get to be pretty darn cold. In fact most anywhere these guys go they are generally looking for terrorists and the mountains are always a hide out of choice. So now its cost versus performance versus potential??? One could assume the army likes the filter as it help fund and develop it. The marines play a different role so YES them mountains get cold and while a better pure water is a bonus it might not be quite as easy to adopt under freezing conditions even though it is very possible to use. Might be some politices involved here??? The current supplier stands to lose a nice chunk of change??
        This is not the holy grail is the first of many milestones that NEPH needs to achieve in order for a profitible company status with a decent standing on a decent exchange. Game changing Investment will come but not on this exchange and not with the pie in the sky we are currently hoping for.
        Honestly I think many long time bagholders will be gone by the time it hits it's potential.

      • 1969

        If the military wanted to wait until everything they ordered was perfect, they wouldnt have a SINGLE piece of hardware, we would have no military. So just not have a water filter is how you think it would go? Sorry guys, you're all dead in Afgan during 120 degree summer because your in the mountains, cut off from water supply line and we cant ship your IWTD to you becuase we determined they werent freeze thaw, sorry.

      • Why on earth you ask? Because it is the best currently available.

      • Metuchen --

        (a) Their needs may be different. They do need clean water for their soldiers, and freezing isn't really an issue in current theaters. They have to have *something*, and, as far as I can tell, there are no IWTDs superior to Nephros'.

        (b) Nobody else has one that avoids the freezing issue, either.

        (c) It *is* freeze-thaw capable -- it still functions after freezing as long as it is purged first. I'm guessing it would still be fine even if it were not purged first as long as it wasn't so full the freezing water had no room to expand. But that will be true for any IWTD (see (b)).

        (d) Frozen water isn't that useful for drinking anyway.


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