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  • mikerobsat mikerobsat Aug 23, 2013 2:43 PM Flag


    I have a friend at work who is thinking about getting in but wants to wait for the news of the RFP. He thinks he can still get in at a low wnough level and doesn't have any risk that way. I keep trying to tell him there should be no shares available below $3 when/if we get the news. But thinking back to the FDA approval he maybe has a point. There always seems to be shares available as the PPS slowly moves up. Anybody have any thoughts about this time? I would assume it would open at an ASK of $3 or more for 50% or more of the RFP but would like to hear from some of the other longtime MB members....

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    • Hey Miker, looking back we have seen funny things happen at some unpredictable times, look at the latest move it seems like speculation as the volume increased and sp without anything more than a reasonable 10q that did not address the desperate cash on hand position. We might get a contract with the army if it happens a jump in the sp SHOULD be a given but dude we could see nothing until the revenues start showing up. The only thing I would say is smart ...If your not in DONT do it until there is a reason as it stands we still have NOTHING outside of potential, there will be time... even if you pay $3 but it moves to $5 it's better than $1.50 and waiting another year!!!
      Just my opinion cuz what I want is nothing but a $10 buyout and f$%k everybody that never got in. RIGHT??

    • Why not just have him buy now 25% of what he wants to get i, so 2500 bucks if he wanted to spend 10 grand. Then if it drops he can wait or buy more. Then iff it pops, he can try to chase, but at least hes got some in that has doubled or tripled by the time hes able to catch it on the way up.

      I have cash waiting, just like Bolly says, im staying out til news, BUT thats because im already invested heavily.

    • I'd stay out until news or sales improve to cash flow positive. Tons of upside when we reach that point. My big question right now is whether or not there will be any contract, since the military could buy filters as they need them through GSA. Phone calls no longer being returned but I'll keep trying.

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