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  • metuchen1969 metuchen1969 May 13, 2014 3:32 PM Flag

    Wow, its actually happening (well kind of)

    IF IF IF it is widely used and Davita detemines it beneficial, we could be looking at $20/share in six months....start dreaming.

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    • I could not agree more. This is awesome news. As we all know, Davita is HUGE, and if they like what they see during the trial Neph could be bought out in an instant. Start Dreaming is RIGHT!!!!

    • Hmm. Probably coincidental, but I've been waiting and hoping for exactly this. The guy I tried to put Houghton in contact with is a high-flyer at Davita. It seemed like a potential mutual-advantage situation, a good fit, and I was disappointed that it didn't seem to bear fruit. But who the hell knows? My post from Oct 2013:

      "I did have a conversation with Houghton a while back [June 2013], to encourage him to contact a certain member of Davita management, the son of a friend. I never heard anything from either of them subsequently, and I didn't expect to. But it seemed to me that Davita might well be the best bet, having the most to gain by shaking up the dialysis establishment."

    • 3 times normal volume and it's off 10% on this great news. Typical.

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    • it WILL be successful, every hint of evidence ever on this tech is a 30% reduction in mortality, plus many many more benefits. Im ready to back the truck, ive waited for this day for 5 years, unbelieveable it finally happened....all I ca say is the team is great job. Now lets see the competition heat up for this tech as the results are slowly leaked. My guess is we are at 2 bucks within 2 weeks.

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      • I agree with Oose: the technology will perform well, and I also think people will notice. [Efforts should be made to help people notice.] But the PR went on to say, in effect, "we are hoping for a partnership or buyout." In order to get favorable terms from a would-be partner or buyer, Nephros will need more than anecdotes of success in the clinic -- it will need to show it has the financial strength to be able to turn down low-ball offers. Right now, its ability to demonstrate financial strength is pretty much limited to an assertion of longterm investor support from partners who will keep Nephros afloat rather than see the company accept a low offer. I believe that is significant, but it is not nearly as compelling as actually turning a profit. So, once again, we find ourselves rooting for the US Army to show up and make this company into a profitable enterprise over night.

      • Hope you are right! Although i now will not be selling(unless there is a buyout) any shares until we see what develops from this. i think we might see a slow upwards pressure on the PPS as word gets out. Today should be the last of the down days for awhile! GLTA!

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