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  • telecominvest telecominvest May 15, 2014 8:57 PM Flag

    Only One patient so far on HDF

    I called the DaVita Colorado Springs dialysis center. There are 4 locations, I guessed wrong the first time. Anyway, there is one patient on Nephros' HDF. There should be three by the end of the month.

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    • Three by the end of May would be good. At least DVA is interested in serving more than the bare minimum over the next 6 months. What is the max number of "selected patients" that could be served by one unit during the trial period, I wonder. Probably not more than half a dozen. So what is DVA expecting to learn, with a sample size too small to make any good assessment of the medical benefits? I suspect DVA wants to use the next 6 months to nail down practical logistical issues and develop internal procedures. DVA will want to know things like the average time per patient, ease of training staff, concerns or requests that staff or patients might identify, etc. That way, DVA can draw up training and orientation plans, customer advisory brochures, and perhaps public advertising plans, all before distributing units widely. I can see this taking 6 months -- half for data gathering and half for translating the data into logistical plans and materials. Just a guess. But perhaps there was some discussion of actual trial plans and goals back in the day when Nephros was projecting more initial placements, yes/no?

    • kccjfc May 15, 2014 11:47 PM Flag

      I called as well, two days ago. The person I spoke with knew nothing about Nephros, Inc or hemodiafiltration, but did say there are ongoing agreements that are not made public until results are determined..
      What phone # did you call? Please provide the name of the person you spoke to at Davitas as well as the phone #. I'll call it and try and extract more info.

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      • You can't call as a nephros investor. I told them my wife was getting treatment at a Davita center in New York and she's not doing well and that they don't know any of the details of the HDF treatment in her center and I saw the press release so I was looking for info on it. And I got very little, except there is one person on it now and there are 2 more that are scheduled to start.

        They are technicians, they don't know anything about Nephros. You can't ask a dialysis tech about a business relationship.

    • Nice work. I never thought to call, assumed they'd never answer an inquiry like that. I like the way it's being phased in. If you assume DaVita wants this to succeed, and I do, then they're going to be careful and do what they can to help it succeed. This relationship is sounding like exactly what Nephros needs at this point.

      I'll admit it, I'm starting to get excited about our prospects.

    • wow, impressive digging telecominvest! Thanks for sharing

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