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  • Ca_Fatboy Ca_Fatboy Oct 26, 2011 6:30 PM Flag

    Ouch, I bought right before close

    I guess the joke's on me. Brutal.

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    • Me too,Ca-fatboy.Was surprised with the movement on esio today.Thought for sure would have picked it up at 11.25,maybe tomorrow or never.Will not chase it.

    • Well, the cover yesterday looks wise in hindsight. ESI certainly performed well today. I'm not back in yet, but looking for the right entry point. I'm mostly short (other stocks), and expect some weakness in the broader market still.

      But soon I'll cover those positions and look for some long positions to ride the market up a bit. And ESI will be on that list if it trips below $12.

      Good luck to all.

    • IT will be a decent pickup at 11.25 today.The CC bothers me,the CEO kept saying everything is OK and orders increasing and gives a profit warning for the next QTR. E9.BTW,I covered yesterday at 12.00, too soon

    • this is the probel,
      never sell after hours , never buy in first 15 minutes of market ..

      I kept the shares and I sold today . I bought other thing . this stock will be in this level for few months

    • If I owned this,I would sell into this rally

    • I feel bad for people that sold at less than $11. I don't anyone to lose money. That earnings report was brutal, so I can understand the desire to just get out.

      That's the added danger of a thinly traded stock. Geez, I traded 1% of the volume yesterday. It's the first time I can say that about a stock.

      And I think we got a gift in the broader market being up huge today. Things would probably look a lot different if the Dow were down 350 points.

    • Yeah, I have to decide whether to sell what I bought yesterday and just be happy that I didn't lose money, or take a risk and hang on. Tough call - mostly because trying to guess what the larger market will is a fools errand, and most stocks are going to be slave to the broader market.

      I like ESIO and think they have a good management team and are headed in the right long term direction. But I have to admit, that earnings report and forward guidance were about as bad as it could have been. I like, though, that they are investing in the future so that they can emerge in a stronger position. That's exactly what Intel did right during every market downturn for the last 20 years and why they are practically a monopoly in the space.

      But in the short term, it is likely that I could sell and then buy back at a lower price. It's always tough to try to time the market. Decisions, decisions.

    • Those idiot that sold yesterday at 10 dolars should shoot themselves ..

      what an bunch of idiots ..

    • i bought this morning too . I think this stock is not bad at all. we just need time , if you see the chart . It keep going up and down in a sahrp way ..
      I thought his was the bottom . well I will wait couple of months and cool off my head . recently what ever I biught was like this . I have to get aaway from this market for while .. Today was last draw . let's see how this opens up tomorrow

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