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  • sharksting2001 sharksting2001 Oct 26, 2001 8:55 PM Flag

    Hate to be the contrarian!

    I will be shorting this baby on monday!
    Ever heard buy the rumor and sell the news.
    It should pop monday then sell off as traders take their profits.
    I was wondering why it ran up so much the last few days and stayed there.
    After a spike like this it never stays there.
    An additional spike just means the pullback will be a little greater.Usually about a 40-50% retracement of the gains.
    Sorry i didn't profit from the news on the way up but i'll get a nice prize on the retracement.
    Good luck to all anyway! =0)

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    • Why do you hate to be the contrarian? Will be happy to take your money...GT

    • ok shorty

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      • No reason to heckle the critics. There view can be valid.

        This year, I've made up for some of my losses on the long side with short positions.

        As for TTN, before all this anthrax stuff, I had gone long, and quite frankly, was underwater on my position. I quickly doubled, then tripled up when the news started filtering out about the pending USPS contract. Now I'm up a few bucks a share.

        The reason I originally went long? The wireless division, believe it or not. They have a growing VSAT telephony business in third world countries. Last I heard, they were preparing a bid for the assets of soon to be bankrupt Globalstar. There are tentative plans to fold it into their consumer telephony operations as well as exploit defense related applications.

        Never thought the Surebeam business would lead to any of this.

    • >>"Are they patanted to be the only ones producing these machines?
      Or will future contracts be spread amongst other manufacturers?"<<

      This job is so huge, it would be surprising if there weren't also other manufacturers.

      I'm old enough to remember getting on planes or going into courthouses without having to pass thru metal detectors. Now we expect it.

      Will the sanitizing of mail also become second nature? Looks like we're headed that way. A quick end to the war might end the momentum. Hard to handicap that.

      All this doesn't mean a experienced and lucky trader can't make a few bucks here going short. I just would think there are much better candidates for that type of trade.

    • Now we're getting to some good info!
      I tried shorting sure at 15.99 a few days ago but they wouldn't let me and it fell too fast.
      Not sure why they wouldn't let me! Maybe no more shares left to borrow.
      You all are starting to convince me that shorting might not be a good idea yet on this stock but i do have one more important question.
      Are they patanted to be the only ones producing these machines?
      Or will future contracts be spread amongst other manufacturers?
      Well i'll read more tomorrow!
      Got other things to do.
      later all and good luck.
      Looks like you might have a good one here.

    • Actually you should be playing TTN long and SURE short.Titan will get the real money on this deal.

    • >>"I will be shorting this baby on monday!"<<

      This might be an exception to the rule.

    • Listen to words from the wise.

    • Don't short it too soon-you could get your shark stung...

    • Nice try shorty!!!!

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      • Not short yet but looking ripe for the picking!
        It's only a 40 million contract.
        I'm normally a long most of the time.
        But whenever i see irrational behavior on a stock it's usually easy money.
        I hope it pops big time monday! The higher the spike the better.
        Who knows! I might even go long after the retracement.
        But 40 million is not that great to a billion dollar company.Only 4 %
        So please explain to me where is the justification for almost doubling in stock price?
        If your convincing enough maybe i wont short it on monday and i'll wait for tuesday.