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  • fmlangon fmlangon Jan 15, 1999 9:14 PM Flag

    More meat contimanation...

    Does the Titan E Beam system also reduce or
    the Listeria bacteria that caused Oscar Mayer's

    Friday January 15 6:54 PM ET

    Oscar Mayer Recalls
    Deli Meat For Possible Listeria
    MADISON, Wis.
    (Reuters) - Philip Morris Cos. Inc.'s Oscar Mayer Foods
    unit said on Friday it had voluntarily recalled two
    types of luncheon meat after U.S. Department of
    Agriculture tests discovered Listeria bacteria in samples of
    one of the meats.

    The recall is at least the
    fourth in the United States related to Listeria since
    October, with at least nine deaths linked to the

    There has been one report of potential illness linked
    to the Oscar Mayer Club Sandwich Variety-Pak
    product, but no deaths, Oscar Mayer said

    The recall includes the nine-ounce Oscar Mayer Club
    Sandwich Variety-Pak sliced luncheon meats and 10-ounce
    Oscar Mayer All American Variety-Pak sliced luncheon
    meats. The recall is only for packages with the JAN 12
    expiration date in the upper left-hand corner on the back of
    the package, Oscar Mayer said.

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    • I guess we all have to wait till Februrary to
      hear anything from
      Titan! Just one point another
      company PSInet got their name on
      a football stadium
      today, Baltimore Ravens! I wonder with the
      Tennesse TiTans if TiTan could work such a deal and
      the Tennesse stadium Titan Stadium! Put us in a
      league with 3-Com and others! Just a good thought! 1999
      The year of the Titans!


    • I am a long time TTN stockholder.As such I
      this company management going from one
      blunder to another.
      (locating system,broadband R&D
      cost us untold milions)subsequent
      announcements of
      technology sales never materialized.It is for
      this reason
      that i am somewhat negatively suprized to find
      that TTN procedes from encription technology to WAVX
      misteriously and very untimely sold without SEC
      TTN sold over 100k shares over year ago under
      publicised planned
      sale.If this 685k sale occured,i for
      one would like to know what price,to
      who(if private sale),and for what reason,
      this very
      untimely transaction happened.Is it possible that
      blunder just happened?

    • Did they mention why they lost the interest in
      WAVX? I have been invested in this stock for almost a
      year now and I am at the same place where I started a
      year ago. I really don't consider this an investment
      if I am making so little in returns each year from
      this stock. I hope the earnings release will be good.
      I am waiting for that E-Beam business to take off.
      Wish all of you luck.

    • I also was optimistic about Titan's position in
      WAVX. Last I checked, I was told co. still owned
      685,000 shares. I called to confirm that with the co.
      yesterday. I was told they have sold all but about 8000
      shares. One more disappointment. I'll keep holding, but
      my frustration with this co. never seems to end. I
      do think Eric DeMarco is on the right track though.

    • It goes to show E-Beam is needed and NOW!
      I may not eat Luncheon meat Until E-Beam is used!!


    • It is like they are hiding E-Beam from everyone!
      They sure
      make it sound like Titan may have bit
      off more than they can chew
      with purchase of
      Delfin Systems. He does say the company is in a state of
      change! Hmm! I just wish they did not hide E-Beam!
      may just have to load up if it goes lower, thanks to
      those guys in the islands, it will probably go lower
      first then spike up!!
      What do they know that they
      are keeping E-Beam so secret!! HMM!
      makes you


    • It's noted that TTN bonds are converting into common stock reducing TTN debt. Therefore, look for stronger earnings in the future.

    • I love reading your postings. Very informative. Keep them coming.I just hope your right about this stock. My friends laughed at me when i bought it. Thet go for more glamorous stocks.

    • I can't believe that TTN is down when one of their investment such as WAVX is up to $5.00 per share. TTN is under valued at these price levels.

    • Yes, e-beam is effective in controlling all
      bacterial pathogens including Salmonella, Campylobacter,
      Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia Coli O157:H7. If
      Oscar Mayer had used this technology a recall would not
      have occurred.

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