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  • videoctr videoctr Aug 12, 2000 2:43 PM Flag

    Recommended Reading

    "Infinite Bandwidth!
    Why Light Technology Will Trump Electronics."

    8/21/00 FORBES ASAP
    See Page 97 "Gilder on Optics.

    George Gilder states, "Cisco is mired in legacy
    electronics and is rooted in the past. Rather than move ahead
    toward an all-optical future, it plunged into the
    reactionary SONET technology of the telcos. None of the
    equipment makers are poised to capture this new market."

    Last quote in article by Gilder, "The Internet is best
    imagined as a virtual point of light into which will be
    distilled all the commerce and culture of the race."

    "How does the increase in bandwidth due to fiber
    optics compare to Moores Law?
    Gilder: "Since the
    commercial advent of wave division multiplexing in 1996,
    bandwidth has been increasing at least four times as fast
    as Moore's Law, if not faster, and promises to
    continue to do so for at least the next several years."

    He says that your circuit switched phone line
    wantonly wastes bandwidth. And in essence, we will have
    bandwidth to waste in the new optical technology, (just
    like the circuit switched model of the telco's today.)

    Gilder: "The optical networking brings fabulous bandwidth
    abundance in an age of interactive video. Once again the
    wanton waste of circuit connections - this time, based
    on millions of wave length channels called lambdas -
    will prevail.

    Players who are building this


    tunable lasers, filters multiplexers

    When one technology replaces another, it is
    called "destructive technology."
    Optical switching
    fits the bill. It will replace current technology and
    will be the next leap. It has too with the net
    doubling every 100 days.

    IMHO, once a culture
    commits totally to this pipeline, i.e., recording it's
    history, I wonder if there will be an archeological record
    to dig up by future generations?

    Gilder is also involved in WAVX.

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      all fiber optical network.

      It's a great time
      to be alive. And as Ben Franklin said, "I was born
      too soon."

      Same Mag,

      See page
      "Death Rays 2000"

      Does anyone know and can
      address in detail, the TTN connection with laser weapons?
      I would bet TTN is involved.