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  • randy_wewers randy_wewers May 1, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    Jeff White

    I note that no one has posted on the passing of Jeff White. Jeff was a long time Retail Credit/CBI/Equifax employee. He was a former CEO, Chairman, Vice President of those companies and going all the way back, mail clerk for the Retail Credit office in Washington, D.C.
    His obit is in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for deaths on April 28, but if anyone has a problem getting to it, drop me an email and I will forward the link. is my primary email.
    Jeff is and will be like most of us in the presentation of our obit in that the things we were visible in are often over stated and those not mentioned are obviously not mentioned or certainly understated.
    Jeff was a visionary and in the 1960's and realized that with the then credit bureaus owned and potentially to be aquired, we would be up to our proverbial necks in paper before too many years. He, along with a few others, also recognized that the then primary business of insurance reporting (ultimately Equifax Services) had a life span in years and not decades. Something had to be done and Jeff sought the money and implemented the automation study headed by Ray McConnell. The ultimate output of that study was the implementation of automation of CBI and the rest is history. Jeff should be given full credit for starting what is now the company known as Equifax. No one is more responsible for that creation than Jeff.
    Jeff surrounded himself with sales, operating, technology, and marketing people who took the lead and fully implemented his intial creation.
    Jeff passed away at his home in Virginia where he and his wife Rosalyn split their time between D.C. following his retirement.
    Thinkers like Jeff come along very infrequently and the Retail Credit Company/Equifax were fortunate he came along when needed.

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