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  • looking_for_a_move looking_for_a_move Jun 28, 2004 3:02 PM Flag

    A pretty good day for LENS so far today

    Lens up 11 cents, the nasdaq is down 7 points. Pretty good day for LENS today, should it hold. S&P reconstitution proved to really be a non-factor for the stock price.

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    • Three cheers for marketing !!

    • Look I've worked for:

      Nordstrom: 10 Years
      Limited: 2 Years
      Sweet Factory: 3 Years
      US Shoes 3 Years
      LVMH/Sephora 2 Years
      Valley Media 2 Years

      Started in sales, managed multiple stores at district and regional levels, built distribution channels, managed distribution centers, and created new brands.

      Trunk Show/Best Buy/Wal-Mart

      In the old days when we introduced new products, we would have a vendor bring there products to our store, they would set up in the store, and do product demo's for the weekend.

      We would turn thousands of unit's in a weekend.

      Have you ever tried to get help in a camera department at best buy? or any where else?.

      Where in the hell is Concords sells and marketing staff. At the beach?

      Get them in the stores.

      Make the brand something people talk about and look for.

      Show customers the advantages of the products.

      Look, the mark-down dollars spent this last quarter; could have paid for something like this. I�m not talking about a salary, that�s another subject.

      Want to get the backing of Wall Street, build a sales, and marketing, staff that are better than the comp. Please get them in the stores with product.

      Set this up at wall-mart, once again retail 101.

      Better yet, give me a call; I live in one of the hottest retail markets in the country. Look at the comps for target, best buy, and Wal-Mart in Roseville Ca.

      Take your top five sku's to this marked, set up trunk show's, and you'll sell product.

      Now how�s that for marketing support and it was free.


    • Harlan I. Press

      How is it that I can have a standing order, good till cancel, to sell at $7.50 in three accounts, 5000 shares?

      The order disappears, the same day that 20,000 shares just happen to sell on the pacific exchange for 7.48.

      I called Investor relations; guess whose out till the 9th of July.

      Receptionist suggested that I call transfer agent in New York.

      I call; he states that he will call me right back, of course no call back.

      WTF, who was privileged enough to get $7.48. Was it on an up tick,did they short it back down to 3.14, while selling an additional 1 million shares?

      Hope you had a great vacation, bit sneaky don�t you think, on the day you�re knocked of the Russell 500?

      Didn�t you just finish a lawsuit for crap like this?

      For the public record.

      M Bassett

      CC: Harlan I. Press