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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Mar 9, 2005 8:55 AM Flag

    Captain -- Keep your soapbox here

    I,for one, very much enjoy your posts. They are highly intelligent, very informative concerning stocks and extremely witty and humorous....They sure do break up the monotony of watching vclk stagnate here in the 12's....I enjoy learning from those who know more than I, and are willing to share their intelligent views... and sure do enjoy a good laugh, which you have provided as well... "Nips" whoever he is, (dont believe I saw him here before) does not have to click on to your posts.....Dont know where else you post as Yahoo does not track you as captainsancho111. Am still surprised that you did not have to "dance", but vclk as of late is doing "funny things" Please, keep em coming Captain.......

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    • I may not always agree with you, but I like contributors who post intelligently.

      I second this sentiment, captain!!

    • I too enjoy Sancho...though I may not TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING he is saying on his recent thread. But a good, honest, INTELLIGENT, discussion (even if not about VCLK) is always welcome.

      Personally, a quick rundown of my beliefs...
      1) Oil prices are NOT too high (we have just been very spoiled over the last quarter century - actually, the entire century).
      2) Saudi's are not our friends, but they are not our DIRECT enemies either. However, they do placate/empower Islamic extremists (aka terrorists).
      3) Invading Iraq was good for the Iraqi people (mostly). It is very good for starting the "seeding" of democracy throughout the Middle East. And with 100K+ troops on Syria's doorstep, it's making Syria rethink itself somewhat too, in regards to its support of terrorism.
      4) Oil prices go up due to supply/demand. There'd be more supply if the Democrats would let us drill in ANWR and elsewhere. Also, enviromentalists killed off potentially dozens of nuclear power plants that could have been built in the last two decades. So when you curse out $2/gal gas, direct it at those mostly responsible!
      5) Although gas/energy is going up (inflation), other prices go down. It's a real mixed bag right now. Wages are somewhat stagnant, unless you are specialized and in demand.
      6) VCLK's business will not be hurt near-term, since companies MUST advertise to generate new/continued business; as long as consumers are spending - which we are, the internet is becoming a great avenue for such advertising/marketing. VCLK profits well.
      7) VCLK is a good hold for another 12 months. Buy on dips when in the low 12's. 16 is an easy mark, with 18 very likely.

      Should you hold your shares now or sell?
      Always consider whether or not you would BUY shares at present (if you did not already own any).
      -If you would, then hold your shares.
      -If you would not, then sell your current shares.

      Buying additional shares takes a different perspective and other factors to be considered.

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      • All great posts including the Captain. That's what great debate is all about and that's what markets are all about. There are always sellers and always buyers on any stock, at any price, and at any time.

        Someone mentioned the "myth of running out of oil". One clarification I need to make is that I don't believe we are running out of oil in the short term. However, I do believe the levels of production, i.e. the amount of crude the world is capable of pulling from the ground on a daily basis has peaked. Couple that with rising demand and you have rising prices. Saudia Arabia is sitting on a ton of reserves, but their capacity to pull it from the ground is strained and completely maxed. Their "quotas" are a funny thing. They (OPEC) are consistently pumping a couple million barrels above their quota on a daily basis. The quota is merely a bare minimum or floor.

        Finally, realize that OPEC nations control about 89% of the world's "proven" reserves of crude oil in the world. Given the current demand situation, OPEC has pricing power and is using it merely for profit potential. Wouldn't you if the shoe was on the other foot?

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