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  • stockicon_2000 stockicon_2000 Apr 22, 2005 3:10 PM Flag

    You people are fools!

    You are the same minions that scoffed at Google when it traded at $19 per share. Valueclick will move huge after its earnings, but I guess you bashers and non-believers will still be whining on the sidelines.

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    • I hope your right, but their were a lot of us thinking the same thing last quarter and I'm sad to say that even after a strong financial showing, the stock is down about 20% from its previous quarter's high.

      Don't get me wrong, I think VLCK is very undervalued...I even recommended it to my Father because I think the downside risk is limited compared to the upside potential. But for myself, I sold most of my position when it started coming down after its earnings announcement and invested in stocks that were making moves like CREE, WGAT, IIG, and WEBX. Luckily, I netted a pretty strong gain on most and currently only hold WGAT.

      Until some surprise press or its quarterly numbers, I don't think VLCK will make much of a move. I will increase my VLCK position before May 4th, but probaly not much sooner.

      Good luck to all longs.

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      • There are many different categories of advertising on the Internet. Google's search is one. But, the fact is that it's only one category and doesn't take away from anything VCLK does. Pay-per-performance advertisers will buy as many sales as they possibly can - an endless chain. Whoever can supply qualified leads and sales will always get business. That's what Google does and that's what VCLK does.

        As for DCLK, they're out of the Internet advertising business. They are still in the platform business (DART) and in the data business (Abacus) but they sell zero advertisng (not so bright move on their part) and now are only in the commodity side of the business where margins are under pressure and competition is ramping up. This is why their numbers stink and why they'll really stink going forward.

    • Just when was Google $19 a share?I thought it went public around last July or August at over a $100 and the all time low is around $95.
      Me thinks you are confused.