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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Aug 9, 2005 1:57 PM Flag

    Welcome back LM

    Always good to read your posts... In the three years, I have been checking in on message boards, I believe you are one of about 5 that I have found to be what you say you are.... The lengths some of these Yahoo posters and alias's go to to sway readers is incredible....

    Gotta say, as much as I admire your enthuiasm, I am not sure it will happen...Cant help but wonder, if after three great earning reports, why vclk remains still just 13...... And, if this has not caused vclk to increase in pps, what exactly do you think will make it increase?? Seems to me, that vclks price goes where it is convenient for the street...What will change that I don't know..... Do you have any thoughts on what will increase the pps?

    Keep on posting... Vclk has been a terrific learning experience... Some of us really enjoy you sharing your thoughts.... TIA, as always