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  • turbineflyer2000 turbineflyer2000 Jan 24, 2006 10:52 PM Flag


    In a 91 page document filed with the Federal Trade Commission, the Center for Democracy and Technology, or CDT, alleged that 180solutions' "core business model depends on third-party affiliates committing unfair and deceptive practices on the company's behalf."

    "Despite CDT's reports, audits from the company's own consultants, and public reports from security experts, 180solutions has remained brazenly reckless in its efforts to get its software on users' computers," reads the complaint, which asks the FTC to seek monetary damages against 180solutions and an injunction banning the company from the unfair and or deceptive installations of adware.

    CJ kicked these boys out a while ago.

    This is the reason for your prior question golden.

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    • It is more like brains, vs quick wit. LM is crushing him if you actually look at logical points made. Buckeye has made one valid point. HE thinks vclk is too highly priced vs its future prospects. I can respect that. The proof he offers, comes right out of gutter however.

      As long as you remember, you are having fun with your swing trading shares, if you guess wrong once in a while, consider the entertainment value in the loss.

      I personally didn't swing trade unless it was a large discount for no reason. That happens here a lot! That is why it can seem like ordering money. It is a trap, that usually ends, before most realize it. Never swing trade your investment shares. You will be tempted to do so, at some point. As you may feel as omnipotent as buckeye does, as succes continues. This stock has too great a potential to scream up and never return at some point.

    • hey turb, top-o-the marnin to ya...I wanted to check with you on what you'll be looking for tomorrow with the "link" earnings any numbers in mind, the Kirk deal looks to be accretive...thanks, Nips