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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Mar 25, 2006 6:29 PM Flag

    Turbine only OT

    message 17030, I think, would you kindly answer??? It appears you are on the road. To make it a little more clear, how far before a buyout would they be able to purchase....Just wing something that will give me a general idea....if you would be good enough....I do not believe Baron was here before, even though I agree with your "writing style" theory....Gotta give him credit, he has cleaned up his act appropriately for this board... At least he puts his tech opinion out there right or wrong.... Two people even called him a "gentleman", he just does the charts stuff, worth looking into for me anyway........Bucky is a horse of a different color...Thanks if you take the time... V just has to get through this silly restatement bit...We longs, and swing traders love vclk. Go Vclk

    P.S. taking the easy way out here, but do you know if this procrastinator can use turbo tax to do 2004??

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    • If they had a general purchase agreement already established, they could buy on tier regular schedule. As far as applying to buy, there is no hard and fast rule. I have seen insiders buy 3 weeks before the announcement, that is the shortest amount of time I have seen. It also will vary, with the size of the company, and if it has any analyst coverage. I am not aware of any hard and fast rule by the sec for it though.

      Turbotax for 04? I guess if you could get a copy of it you could.

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      • as always Turbine...I will now disappear and let you very smart boyz, and you are, fight this one out....You are all certainly very capable of fending for yourselves.. I love just sitting back and taking it all in.... Boyz will be boyz and gals are gals.. Some boyz play rough..... not sure what I am even doing here..but after a hiatus will regroup.....
        ... Thanks for the answer and I will be a watching.....I do appreciate honest feedback. I do have access to 04....turbotax if you can use it twice..... Again... Thank you again... Golden

        After restatement....GO VCLK

    • goldie----"just" does the charts stuff?--don't let the gentleman stuff fool you,i can be a rogue as well,but i appreciate the comments.