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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 May 3, 2006 8:28 PM Flag

    Bucky ONLY OT what a jerk you are...

    Hey Bucko... These boards are fun to vent on...Like Lm..says "for entertainment value" but not always with vclk... It wasn't that way before..... Yes, who is the jerk?????Goldylocks?? Well, that is pretty good...No one ever used that before.. Giving away profits on a dream, yes...but we will see later, if you are still here and I hope not........Oh well, Why do you stalk people????.....As far as not responding, it was not the one where you recommended BGO at 1.75.. The other is kindof after the fact.....I am familiar with it as well and it was May when it hit those levels and for a short time......I still don't think you were here then... It's not like you are discreet and we would not notice you...Find me that one and then I will apologize publicly...I could find it as I have learned how but it is too big of a pain.. and it probably isn't there, but I might.....By the way, you haven't a clue how many times I have taken x cents of of v.... I'm not listing particlars as I do not want the pattern to change too much and those "boyz" just might, but just say I was making about 1700 a month off of 10K bucks.. on about 8 trades.....Many times, more..That is not bad interest over a year....... You can believe it or not, who cares.. I dont give frogs fat derierre, but it worked... I have followed vclk a long time and developed a pattern that worked about 85 percent of time.....I know you are the leer jet type but I am not, and certainly not saying that is what I am in the market with...obviously not or I would not be in my "dream " stock. and others...That is just the amount I chose to trade with, approximately at that time...
    but I don't mind that interest on a regular basis... I think that is "two hunnert percent", at least, but I am not good at that...that is why I ask questions of the tax gurus and gentleman....LM and Turb here... I'll probably order more tomorrow.. If I get bored sometime will check out May and see if you did, but I just don't think so.I just love vclk...And you're not giving away profits till you sell..VCLK into earnings = strong buy or it will be a "second". Thank you wall street guys.. I am out on some of my dream stock and ordering more tomorrow.please don't change things...I have bet my welsh corgi on it...Waiting for your response...Bucko.. you are a pain.... Your friend...Goldylocks