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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Dec 8, 2009 5:11 PM Flag

    I've been buying lotz of Sprint (S)

    that was nice timing but coulsn't get out at the price i wanted....soon, though i am still up an extra 10 cents from my goal due to your encouragement, i went for it....thanks....turbo, thanks for your response too, as always.. this was a quick trade not investment...gfra (gut feel reacton analysis).. works far as your critque, always welcome (and that is asking for it) bought 2500 shares..@2.30... i.e. $5750.. as of today, t is $7150.... i am coming up with a l400 buck gain.... if i take that $5750 and go for inin at a low spot, nov. 2,,i.e.16, i only get like 359 shares...the highest i could get out is i think a little over l8...i forot that 2 bucks times 359 (718) is simply not as much...almost half. as for the vclk 35 and goog rollover, i see the timing confusing, a long time to be holding profits....but what do i know or care... i just take what i want....capt..from a "dumb blond," those charts are great, i was looking for a better one and it is one of the "prettiest" i have seen...thanks to both of you......................