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  • manakawari manakawari Jul 12, 2011 11:19 PM Flag

    i dont understand why so many think this stock is worth this price

    i wasnt suggesting buying renn,i just thought it funny that the largest emerging market for the internet(china) and there version for the most profitable internet venture(google)is trading lower than this stock and dropping..i did buy renn last week and made nearly 30 percent but i sold cause i dont believe in that company either. i was just in shock that so many believe that this test is worth so much. my wife is a doctor and she doesnt believe this test would be popular at all. she said that IF insurance companiesdid pay for this test, it would only be used in very rare, high risk cases. its not like insurance companies are gonna pay for every woman in their late 20s to have this test and noones gonna pay out of pocket to be told they have a condition they can do nothing about,like i said. if you are at high risk, what exactly can you do about it? im not posting to start an argument. just simply a discussion.

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    • If you don't think the test will sell and the patents are worthless, then why are, you here? This board is out of control with trolls with there own agendas, none have a fricking clue about this company, some lie about their wife being a doctor, lol....This test will sell and GENE will control the genetic field with its patent and make a fortune, if not bought out by Thursday. Good luck with your agenda, see you Thursday :)

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      • im sorry , im short this stock. im stuck and worried just like a lot of people on here. im not lying and not bashing. im just stating my opinion and giving reasons.. if you disagree that there is higher demand for said test than im seeing, please explain. personally im convinced we will see a sell off on good or bad news, doesnt matter. the rise in price was because of news leak, there could be no other excuse, so its already priced in. good news will cause a sell off. and yes my wife is a doctor. although shes not an oncologist. shes an orthopedic surgeon and perhaps shes wrong but at the moment she agrees with me that while the test may helpful, it will not be commonly used. i mean seriously, are we gonna have insurance companies paying for every test available? it will only be for those who already have tumors or serious factors where it would be critical to know if they are at risk. the way this stock is being played i just think that many assume that this is something that all woman are gonna do in their teens, or perhaps at birth along with their shots. and for the doctor on the board, what exactly is to be achieved by knowing you carry the gene for breast cancer other than get a mamogram perhaps at an earlier age??

      • i have an agenda as much as you do. i believe this stock is a pump and you think its the next best thing to sliced bread..we are all trying to make money, why because i dont believe in this company are my motives questioned? if you truly believe this company will prosper, then you are in a good a shorter and without me, you wouldnt make half your money..dont hate me cause im short. were all part of the same game and if youre correct it will be my money in your pocket. i shorted this cause it went full retard on what i thought was no news,, almost always there is a dramatic drop following a move like that but i was wrong, it went balistic because of a im believing that the rumor is now priced into the stock and it will sell on news good or bad. i trade mostly biotechs and they only spike on news when its a surprise..this doesnt seem like a surprise when the news leaked like a siv and if it doenst drop dramatically at open, i think a lot of investors will be happy to just have their money back, not many sane people are gonna buy in at this price, maybe on a pulback but now? anyway, shorts, longs who cares? i dont think expressing an opinion thats negative is bashing just as i dont feel you cheering on your stock is pumping...if the concerns or faith you show a stock is genuine its all good.

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