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  • out_there_somewhere_2000 out_there_somewhere_2000 Jul 13, 2011 2:30 AM Flag

    Why I invested in this company

    Simple. They are brilliant. Brilliant at turning nothing in to something. Started out as a animal testing unit with basic genetic services, and by hook or crook, ended up with brevagen for a song and the rights to non-coding DNA, which turned out to be a gold mine. Thats foresight, risk and reward. They are now a viable company with a bright future. And as to why they halted, who knows, but givin their track record on the chessboard, you can bet it is in their, and our, best interest. Have a litlle faith, they deserve it. The same people were whining when it dropped to 5, and look at it now.

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    • if you like GENE you'll love RXPC.PK from $3 back to 8 cents

      another cancer test success

      nothing to something to nothing

      taking bagholders along for the ride

      load the truck !

    • it was hardly worth 79 cents ( where it was a few months ago )

      a consistant battleground hedgie long / short squeeze play

      little substance here

      perhaps you are unaware of the multi year price action in other " test " stocks i.e. RPC and SQNM

      suckers born every minute

      buy some China small caps to round out your investing theory

      people don't want to know about " potential" risk - in particular tests not deemed 100% accurate

      market cap is limited - just watch - sales demand ? ha ha

      not long or short here - just well aware of the fundamentals and the history not to mention the price action

      nothing into something? there is a lesson in that

      • 1 Reply to purrinkitties
      • yes i agree and let me add that obtaining this tech "for a song" wasnt because of their shrewd negotiating was because they were buying a useless product. an american company originally created it and went bell up. they bough this at a garage sale and they are just milking it for all its worth and its already overvalued. you are 100 percent correct that there is no market for an expensive test that test for a possible risk..thats just plain stupid. its a curio item, thats it.

    • The check is in the mail, I won't come in......yada yada

      A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. This is business and I do not fork around with big drawdowns and faith in anyone. These people may be doing great things, but they have yet to turn a profit and are burning cash.

      Been there done that 10,000 times.

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