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  • manakawari manakawari Jul 14, 2011 1:03 AM Flag

    market is littered with failed gene testing kit companies

    heres the way i see it, if im wrong and this stock somehow increases anymore on speculation it wont be by much and i can just cover, but if this dilution drops this at all, and history shows that it should, i will be in a good position because i can just wait it out because i personally know there will be no profits, besides, if this isnt a total scam and they actually do plan on launching this worldwide, it would take an enormous amount of money to do so, at least properly..they dont have nearly enough money`and the only thing at that point that can drive me into a loss would be profits..if this company becomes profitable it wont anytime soon and i will ride this back into penny land.with zero profits and increasing debt this company turning a profit in a field that has never been successful to date is such a longshot i feel i am in a much better position than longs.they havnt even become profitable in a single country, yet they are talking about launching worldwide before selling a single unit? thats retarded and just screams scam..they are using these launch catalysts as a pump.and now there is nothing left that can drive this..people are talking about buyouts? who the hell would buy this? its way too risky as there is nothing to compare it too other than bankrupt companies. why should they be able to do something that no one has ever been able to do? the fact that they bought this junk for 1.5 million shows how usless the product is.

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    • LOL,your killing me, are you for real? Good luck and good night!

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      • We were incorporated under the laws of Western Australia on January 5, 1987 as Concord Mining N.L. On August 13, 1991, we changed our name to Consolidated Victorian Gold Mines N.L. On December 2, 1991, we changed our name to Consolidated Victorian Mines N.L. On March 15, 1995, we changed our name to Duketon Goldfields N.L.

        On October 15, 1999, the type of company was changed from a No Liability Company to a company limited by shares. On August 29, 2000, we changed our name to Genetic Technologies Limited, which is our current name. We were originally incorporated as a mining company and gradually phased out our mining activities and became a biotechnology company with the acquisition of GeneType AG in August 2000. Our Australian Company Number (ACN) is 009 212 328. Our Australian Business Number (ABN) is 17 009 212 328. We operate pursuant to our constitution, the Australian Corporations Act 2001 , the Australian Securities Exchange Listing Rules, the Marketplace Rules of NASDAQ and, where applicable, local legislation.
        is this company for real?

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