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  • mivers95 mivers95 Jul 20, 2011 2:26 AM Flag

    Last and Final :Post per Tom Howitt

    Here are the facts;

    1.) Spoke with Tom Howitt last Wednesday evening at 11:30pm PST
    2.) Tom stated cap raising as stated by compamy disclosure to ASX and would reveal a 30 day average = roughly 22-25c/6.75-7.50 share price.
    3.) Stock would not trade before mid week of week starting 7/18.
    4.) Stock had unusal and unwarranted run over previous week that would be addressed.
    5.) Company had N. Carolina operation which I knew nothing of and also couldn't do business in California where I live due to regulations and laws per my inquirey just for converstion sake.
    6.) Stock would not resume trading as had been stated in the current ASX declaration and was in fact the case.
    7.) Mulitple new Institutional Ivestors were being addressed and brought forward.
    8.) Tom stated that a 22C price was fair and reflective of the 30 day trading activity.
    9.) Tom and GTG have followed through on these exact details so far with timing and messages- newest PR.
    10.) 100 calls to David Ritchie pressuring him and ASX have pressed GTG t0 respond and produce the 7/20 PR.
    11.) Trading will resume on 7/22 later than Tom Howitt stated to me but during the week he hoped for resumed trading.
    12.) Trading will resume on ASX as I had suspected to provide ASX benefit.
    13.) Documented emails to David Ritchie, US ASX liasion in Chicago, from yesterday with two responses from him with my details of conversation with Tom Howitt provided to David Howitt.
    14.) Two emails from David Howitt this morning, 7/19 USA, detailing his efforts to garner ASX intervention.
    15.) Feedback from David Ritchie that while not typical, also not all that unlikely that a Company Director/Officer would share the facts and that Tom's risk ly in not disclosing the facts, but if there was any disclosure which there was, was not accurate then there would be reason for concern.
    16.) No statement of partnership, buyout, or even dillution, Just a cap raising at most likely 22C-25C=
    17.) Please feel free to have any converstaion you want with David Ritchie you want about this as this is now old news to him.
    18.) Aslo, please feel free to email Tom Howitt if you like. He definetley remenbers me, our converstion and what he felt was apprpriate and comfortable to share.
    In case you haven't noticed, evrything to this point is exactly on track, Pr, Timing, likelyhood ASX trading first and on Friday unfortunately a 22C cap raising.
    Last, I am long 6100 shares and will take a haircut with a 30% drop.
    It's funny, I am long and hopeful that Tom Howiit was an imposter when I made that call but know it wasn't. I have received more grief from those that are long and optimistic than thos who are shorting. TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION.

    Please fell free to forward this to SEC, ASX, GTG and anyone you think this applies to.

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