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  • manakawari manakawari Jul 28, 2011 8:03 PM Flag

    you guys cant be you stil have faith?

    i shorted this stock aty 10.20 because of far too many reasons to bother listing here, besideds, i am so jaded by the posters on here and how the longs aka pumpers dont seem to even care thathis company is a sham..but anyway, i covered at around 6 bucks the day after the halt was lifted and got a very god return..i would have held my short for a few days longer and tried for an even larger return but i was in the process of switching brokers so i wanted to close out all positions and move on.tomorow when ican trade again i believe i will short this again..people are talking about earnings, brevagen sales numbers, buyouts/partnerships, ect..what most fail to understand is that the insane gains this tock has experienced in the past was largly due to its low float and being used simply as a day trading that the dilution has raised the float and shorters have smelled blood, this will continue to drop...besides, the catalysts that you mention(earnings, and brevagen sales to be announced soon) are not moving this stock to the upside like most stocks with expected good news in the near future..the overall investor opinion is that this will fail and if good news was expected, the market would behave accordingly.. this is just one reason, the main reason is that this company is a sham..the test will not sell and if you are interested hearing the reasons you can a pm/.. you will lose money trying to set the market flow, smart investors folow the trend and to bet against this strong downtrend is finantial suicide..i have heard longs who lost 5o percent of their value in the past 2 weeks who are stil holding on hoping to recoup their losses...a smart investor sells when they are wrong or better yet, the smart money was seling the day after the halt and shorting to get your money back..

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    • all my info is coming from the 6/30/11 report

      just issued last night

      scroll down; it's linked here

    • agreed---people should reda the 3/31/2011 report

    • hedgys might still have some covering to do or might just be adding to their position

      2mm shr/12 = 160k/hedgy

      you know they got the inside skinny from gene

      why not add? pr said the allocation was oversubscribed; if i was one of the hedgys with inside info, i'd be adding right where i bought in

    • agree---the guy made great money---why he needs to be on the board is only to frighten the remaining investors who bought in @ 5.58 to 6

    • If a guy from Jersey says sell- buy,buy,buy! Say hi to Snooki for us Vinny and let the smart ones do the trading;)

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      • You guys keep bagging on manakawari, well guess what he is spot on and so was I.

        Why Brevagen will fail:
        1) no reimbursement
        2) no mortality data
        3) pharma reps with no surgical relationships

        Guys this is just a SNP test simple as that. There are more than a dozen companies in development right now that blow away this minor technology. This will fail before it starts because women won't pay for a test that tells them little to nothing. This test will not tell them if they are going to get, or already have breast cancer, it will only tell them if they are at higher risk then the person sitting next to them. So what do you do with that info. Depends on the insurance company. Most insurance companies have never heard of this test thus they won't pay for a MRI, additional mammograms, pharmaceuticals, surgery. Why would they on unproven smoke and mirrors tech.

        Lastly what company do you know launches a full scale product that is going to be driven to the consumer with no website. Seriously how is a women to do research on this product if there is no product website. They have had marketing and sales professionals in place for a year now and still no website.

        So to summarize, no proven outcome data, no reimbursement and no drive to the consumer. Fail. manakawari is right on all counts.

    • Yer a moron to the max. Tool. Go home bomber. Hahahah

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      • i may be a moron, but im a moron with your money.... every reason i gave for this stock going to sub dollar was true and accurate,,, you were the same people posting at 750 that it was just a temp sell off...even if i believed it was i would have never held it at 750, you sell and wait for the sell off to end..its not like its gonna spike back to 10 overnight,,you can see the signs(none of which this stock is showing by the way) when i stock will recover..every indication is showing a continued decline until they announce some amazing sales and i think most agree its not coming..the market reacts to faith and the market has no faith in this company..please tell me why it would be smart to hold this? know what..dont bother i dont care.

    • how'd u short it? there's no options r there?

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