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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Sep 22, 2011 10:09 AM Flag

    Bear Raid

    Small float stock, big manipulation on anemic volume

    This should be illegal

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    • what should be illegal is pump and dump scams like this. this company launched months ago and still isnt attempting to sell tests. its a joke. they did a secondary to line pockets and the jig is up.why hold this pos?what are you waiting for? sales numbers? they arnt even trying to sell tests? eu launch? why? the us launch was so god you want some more of that? accusition?why because the brevagen purchase turned out to be a blockbuster? they bought brevagen, their lead product for the price of a nice american home, lol..and you guys thought they would make billions off that investment? it was a pump and dump tool. and now what? youre looking for another investment of that caliber? they were a mining company that couldnt find gold so they switched to a biotech company that doesnt develop anything, just buys dead tech from garage sales..what a joke and the funniest part is that so many of you guys bought into it. its not the shorts fault stock is tanking, its the companies..look at real biotech companies and how they are doing( like pcyc) strong pipeline of real lifesaving products and they are green even today..thats the sign of a strong stock, not a low float pump and dump. idiots.

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