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  • bossa_nova_3214 bossa_nova_3214 Sep 13, 2000 12:42 PM Flag

    More changes ahead for Systemax

    Systemax is scheduled to phase out their
    purchasing department at the Fletcher, Ohio building by the
    end of November and move all of purchasing to New
    York. Also, sometime next year, the Midwest Micro plant
    will become a manufacturing only plant, and all other
    facets of their business will be moved to New York. This
    ought to make for bigger earnings by Systemax.

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    • Actually, the Fletcher location will be both
      manufacturing and tech support for all the Systemax daughter
      companies. They are currently remodeling the tech support
      area, and adding new hardware, desks, etc.

    • The purchasing dept. should be cut by the first
      of November at the Fletcher plant. Employees have
      the option of leaving or trying to remain in other
      positions. If they stay through the transition, they will
      recieve a bonus.
      At least a small tech support group
      will be left there to handle the local

      On a brighter note, the Fletcher plant has stopped
      purchasing new parts so that they can get rid of what is
      already in inventory. To consumers who are attempting to
      purchase a new system, this means free upgrade....or at
      least upgrades you won't have to pay extra for....if
      they don't have what is supposed to go in your
      Ask for a P3 733, they don't have any so you get a P3
      800 for the same price. Or you might do even better
      depending on how low the inventory is when you order.

    • If Fletcher is going to become just a
      manufacturing facility, how do explain the tens of thousands of
      dollars in improvements of the �office space� area. I
      might go along with manufacturing AND tech support but
      not just manufacturing.

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      • Okay, here is what we are told. The Fletcher site
        is to be a manufacturing plant! There has been
        mention of a showroom, but what for, and what that is all
        about, I do not know. There has been NO mention of tech
        support remaining at Fletcher, Oh. High company officials
        and senior account sales managers will likely be
        offered positions in New York, in all around twenty
        people probably. All other employees will likely be
        offered severance packages, based on their time of
        service. The improvements of the "office space" will be
        for manufacturing management, as well as a control
        center for the new Beavercreek, Oh store. Systemax has
        considered making representatives from temp services
        available to all employees several weeks prior to the
        transition, in order to make sure that all employees have a
        fair chance at employment elsewhere. Remember, this is
        what I am told. The brass here have a tendency to
        change their minds. There will be a transitionary period
        where The company may may take some hits, but overall,
        the plans implemented over the next six months will
        see more growth and profit for Systemax as a whole.

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