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  • fuzzhead72 fuzzhead72 Sep 14, 2000 3:55 PM Flag

    More changes ahead for Systemax

    Actually, the tech support department at the
    Fletcher location handles the phone calls for Systemax,
    Midwest Micro, Tiger, Global, and as far as I can tell,
    all the daughter companies of Systemax. They are
    currently putting in new desks, all new hardware, extra
    computers so the techs will have hands-on right in front of
    them. They are also putting in over 100 new desks, so
    it seems that they are expanding the tech support
    department there.

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    • The Fletcher facility handling all the tech
      support could be why I have always had problems dealing
      with them. That and the fact that they put completely
      computer illiterate people in tech support.
      I know for
      a fact, my brother used to be in tech support and
      he didn't know jack. Eventually he got busted for
      transfering calls to the people who could help, and then
      watching movies on the dvd player that his desk system

      • 1 Reply to dragons4u2001
      • The only problem that I see with adding all of
        these people in a technical compacity is that they do
        not generate much if any money for the company. These
        people mostly answer questions. Any orders they take are
        minimal at best. SYX just reduced the size of it's work
        force and now they want to increase it with people that
        wont make money for the company just try and make
        people that already spent money happy. While this is
        good it also can be very bad. If they increase the
        size of the technical department to meet a huge demand
        on problem systems it seems to me that it would be
        cheaper to build better systems with more quality parts
        than have to pay people to try and fix them post sale.
        If I have completely mis-interperted this situation
        then please someone explain it to me.

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