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  • janet9112000 janet9112000 Sep 19, 2000 10:21 PM Flag

    why is stock down?

    what is systemax doing wrong that other companys are doing so much better? all them at min $20.00 share and up to 79 1/4.

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    • Management is making a real effort to improve
      service. Most companies lack in this area. Margins have
      always been competitive in this business.
      The company
      will not be sold as the stock price is too cheap and
      management would not consider a sale at even double today's
      Going private is an option management always
      has if the shareholder price does not eventually
      substantially improve. However at this moment there is not a
      definite plan on the table to go private. Management's
      time is being consumed with addressing the company's
      problems. Once the company is back on the right course, if
      the share price doesn't reflect this management may
      consider going private. For now, management is just
      supporting the share price and providing liquidity for
      shareholder's while many funds are hesitating to buy more

    • I'm in the Ny area and Systemax has terrible service. Also the margins on hardware items are 10% percent or less sometimes. In my opinion I believe the company is going private soon and will be sold.

    • The answer to this question is fairly simple,
      really. People buy stocks for two main reasons:

      The stock price has been going up, and they
      it will continue to do so

      2) The company is
      profitable, and pays high dividends on an investment

      Systemax Stock has gone down due to several unprofitable
      quarters. The company is working hard at turning this
      around, as I have seen from a number of changes in the
      past couple of months. While this doesn't mean an
      immediate return to profitability, I do believe that it
      should accomplish this within a number of months. Once
      this is accomplished, the increased dividends should
      make the stock more attractive, and the stock price
      should start to rise. As this happens, people will take
      notice of it, and other will buy, driving the price
      higher. Historically, the best time to get into a stock
      like this is when it is down in the doldrums, and when
      the company is making logical changes in their actual
      operations to become more profitable. (of course, if you are
      a day trader, this would not be an attractive

    • Could it be that people heard about the screw ups and already knew about some other problems and just wanted out?

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