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  • keepshorting keepshorting Nov 10, 2011 6:57 PM Flag


    I have to give Jimmy credit. He has spent the last 10 years brainwashing the longs on And it has worked! The stock has been destroyed once again and the longs refuse to believe it has anything to do with Sinclair. They think it is some mystery shortseller or the evil cabal. LMAO!!!!!!

    Iamgold passed on Buckreef because it is worthless. Apparently the market is finally figuring it out. This stock should be trading at $0 (minus the cash per share.)

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    • Dude.. when Gibson sells 5.8MM shares in an hour when avg daily volume for 3 months is 500K or less, what do you expect to happen?

      To your other assertion, how can buckreef be worthless when there are >2.1MM oz (using feasibility pricing of .. what was it 1100/oz?) with plans for an open pit. You're really grasping at straws.. The price is less than half what it was a few months ago, anyone with confidence then and who still has free cash is thrilled by such a small valuation.

      You're blind, hasty, or disingenuous: millions of confirmed oz, large confirmed potential on other large properties (some not fully explored but still confirmed), $30mm cash no debt, agreement with China for net smelter 3% royalty on a huge nickel deposit, and the backing of the government on Buckreef AND Kigosi thanks to the generous relationship that Sinclair has fostered! Who knows how long it will take, but there's no way this company can fail at this point, and I would be surprised if his attitude in Tanzania does not result in more joint ventures with Stamico. Most juniors come no where near where TRX is now, so what's eating at you? I suspect that you're either vindictive or have something to gain by seeing TRX fail. I mean.. it's laughable how transparent you are. You keep going back to share price when it clearly means nothing to "investors." Traders deserve whatever they get (although there is something to say about the casino-like nature of the markets these days.. I wouldn't even try myself)

      The other thing that you seem to be forgetting is that we all should be preparing for big changes, for the worse, in our standard of living. If you are not investing for the long term (and that includes diversifying) you are making a mistake. So many of you are just hateful people, but rather than be influential, it's so silly to see because you all obviously take yourselves so seriously as to think that others reading here (and sometimes I wonder if it's just a handful of us!) would take you seriously as well. haha... Not a great use of your time I'm guessing.. OK well, have fun, wasted enough time on you :)

    • This is what you get when you are into hero worship and you're too stupid to think for yourself. Jim said.... Jim said.... Jim said.... Sayonara CIGA. LMAO.

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