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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Nov 14, 2011 10:44 AM Flag

    Sinclair Buys The Dip!

    "That's like the bar owner, instead of selling, drinks his own booze; out of one pocket and into the other. LOL"

    No, it's like a person that's partial owner of a bar taking a bigger stake in the company when one of his partners decides to bail out because he can't afford the mortgage on his house and needs to raise some money.

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    • The purchase is insignificant compared to his sales at higher prices. He had to do it. He was boxed in by an article on Seeking Alpha when he failed to act last time the stock dropped precipetously. -tanzanian-royalty-exploration-and-the-curious-incident

      Nobody else at the company seems to share his confidence since no other officer bought any shares.

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      • "The purchase is insignificant compared to his sales at higher prices"

        And his sales at higher prices are insignificant compared to the millions of shares he's purchased at market prices.

      • pfft... STAMICO is buying equipment for Buckreef and is now negotiating to buy in for 15% of Kigosi. Drill plans for both properties are ongoing as are feasibility studies. Management appears to be doing as they should. Not resting on their laurels as far as can be gleaned from the recent agreements and press releases. It's Spring in Tanzania, and thus I think one can expect a stream of positive events in the coming 6 months :) Since you're obviously a short-term thinker, hopefully you're not short, with gold expected to pass 2000 within weeks by many estimates! On the other hand, maybe TRX gets taken down in a general market decline/crash/black swan -- who can say? Trading is for gambler's.. or worse but I will try to be reasonably polite.

        Sinclair is known to be preparing for hard times. Sales here and there to provide funds for personal use when he doesn't take that much of a salary (and when we have no idea what his personal expenditures look like aside from the purchase of a farm and similar things.. read his blog -- how can you be so outright presumptuous?) are not relevant when the company is poised to build mines with government backing.

        The real story here is how your personal vendetta is showing, daily! I can't believe that you have much influence around here.. but you can keep trying I guess. We'll just keep shooting you down in our free time. For your sake I hope you can direct your energy to more positive endeavors. Zeus knows, we do need more constructive people in the world.

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