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  • ment17 ment17 Nov 12, 2011 10:26 PM Flag

    Making Or Losing Money with TRX

    in spite of the lap dog bullshirt ,,

    take a look at all the explorers.. the price movements

    all are way down from highs .. TRX has lost its share .. and due to a dump of many shares lost a lot in a short time

    Rgld, Gold, GG and the large miners are hitting highs ,
    this will soon be translated into higher explorer prices ,, TRX being no exception,

    that idea that sinclair spends all this money on trips and a religious experience in india to pure balderdash to the extreme

    Sinclair said to buy and hold gold at 300, 500 .. those who followed this advice are up several hundred precent ,

    the small minds and little people who try to swell their egos by pouncing on sinclair are ignorent to the extreme,

    TRX has many oz of inferred proven gold reserves

    as the explorers again get bids .. TRX will join that party

    many bought the explorers at highs at medium and low prices .

    the shares have been blasted for many reasons .. naked shorts in canada exchanges ..a lot of short 100 share wanna bes .. trying to nick a dime or two .

    most have the resources of a big mouth

    just hang around long enough another year or so and watch tan range hit all time highs

    the whole TRX message board is inhabited with obnoxious little pin heads

    so those who watched TRX bought into the stock at 1.60-170 or so are now upo almost a double .

    those who bought at 60 cents sold at highs and bought at lows are still way ahead

    its the nature of the market to spit the traders off its back

    many of the little pin heads would have trouble pizzing in a boot if the boot was attached to their belt hanging down ten inches .

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