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  • keepshorting keepshorting Nov 15, 2011 7:59 PM Flag

    the real reason Sinclair bought 60,000 shares

    So..........what has he said that has been wrong?
    probably over 1000 predictions that have been wrong. the best one being to STOP TRADING in May 2008 right before the biggest financial collapse in history.

    another famous call was that he said the dollar index had to go to .52 in order for gold to go to $1650. he said they were 100% inversely related.

    there are at least 998 other bad calls.

    i dont think he has one good call.

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    • What remaining TRX longs dont understand, and what I used to not understand is that there are two groups of people who invest in mining stocks. 1) people that know TRX is a joke and Sinclair is weird and wouldnt touch it and 2) those who adore the man and put everything into TRX. Those in (2) are very rare, I was one, and we all suffered from a serious delusion. Somehow Jim filled some void in us and manipulated us. The fact that the shareholder base is just people with concentrated positions shows this. Even the big shareholders (Geier was one, BPI, Platinum, and there is another I understand).

      There is no value here and now there is no longer any short interest to support the stock WHEN it next plunges.

      Where I think Sinclair's psychopathic strategy will fail for him is that he will soon have a couple thousand people with a history of emotional insecurity raging furious with him. This coming AGM will require a significant chunk of TRX's treasury for meeting security. I blame myself alone for my financial loss, but the misrepresentations are truly fraud and a shareholder suit should be filed. Jim Sinclair should not have a penny to his name after this. I looked up his house in CT by the way - it's for sale haha. The guy who predicted everything is selling his home at age 71 in the worst housing market in his lifetime. Brilliant. Then again, when the shareholder suits are brewing you better raise cash!

    • True, but Sinclair has said that a weakening dollar will be a boost for gold - and for 10yrs he has been correct. I know you are right that he sometimes makes DIRECT predictions that don't pan out as regards specific numbers. But - as a pundit he has been exactly correct. The American market is headed south and the metals are headed north because of a weakenend currency. That is true?

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