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  • booggi1961 booggi1961 Nov 15, 2011 9:11 PM Flag

    the real reason Sinclair bought 60,000 shares

    Sinclair was wrong for a full yr. when he predicted gold goes to $ 480 on Aug. 15 .. which was a Sunday ... forgot the yr.
    But as one writer said before me ... he uses somebody else for the quotes... Sinclair never came out on his own and claimed Gold would go to $ 12,000 ... he got that one from Martin Armstrong ... I read both .
    But that is not the worse part ... what he does with his gold business... how he does it is the most disappointing part.

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    • I have been reading Sinclair for yrs. I recall him coming out and stating unequivocally that gold would be at 822 or some figure on a CERTAIN date. Crazy. He was and still is doing that. And he never quite hit the date. But - he was right. He predicted 1650 pretty close.
      One time i think he even said he would stop forecasting or close up if he was WRONG. No kidding.
      The thing is........he is correct on the US Dollar. The USA is bankrupt. And is hiding that from the sheep. Everyone on this board probably agrees with that.
      All Sinclair is saying is that as we debase the dollar - gold will naturally be the only alternate that people put faith in. Thats because there will be a currency crisis. Thats his message - and i think he one of the few who right on par with it.

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