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  • whitesands_8 whitesands_8 Nov 24, 2011 6:38 PM Flag

    News From Jim Sinclair

    We're in a seasonal strong period Easy and all the gold stocks have have taken a pretty deep pullback...Like Sinclair mentioned on his site this is likely a major Bear Trap....I'm expecting a bottom here some time within the next week or so if it hasn't already happened and then BOOM, explosive moves upwards...Like Alf Fields said, the next move will be the longest and strongest move yet of the entire gold bull market all the way to a minimum of $4,500/ounce with only two small corrections during the move....With all that EASY to mine gold rubble on TRX properties this should be a very huge run..Not to mention folks are going to figure out why the TRX business model is the way it is as TRX should end up being one of the few MASSIVE movers during the gold bull...The other one I expect to go crazy along with TRX(A.K.A 1979-80 where some stocks went from pennies and dollars/share to three and four hundred dollars a share) is Richmont mines (RIC)...There are a few others but these IMHO will be the ones that really outperform in ways that most wouldn't think possible.

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