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  • jj719903 jj719903 Mar 28, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

    Sinclair Auction Of Sunnyview Farm

    Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

    Add this to the peace time Marshall law by presidential edict and you will understand the auction of my Sunnyview Farm promoted in the top left corner here on JSMineset.

    On multiple occasions I have broadcast my message to you by my action of buying gold. All these changes are not for fun or wall paper. They are tools that are presently or going to be used in the future.

    I have told you for years that if you did not have privacy do not try and create it as Big Brother watches everything, especially bank wires via the Swift system. Privacy is DEAD everywhere in the Western world.

    Somebody in the family must protect the family, and make way for the extended family. Many times I have broadcast a message by example. Recall I stood ready to buy back every gold coin you bought at $400. Did you do anything? Recall the wager on the price of gold at $1650. Did you do anything?

    You will recall the auction of my Sunnyfield Farm in 2015-2017. Will you have done anything?

    Probably not.

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    • JS is trying to sell the farm to one of you CIGAs. Funny how he wants to take the other side of the trade. Just like the 13,000 shares he unloaded in March at $4.60.

    • stormy,
      what is truly wacky is, you have more freedom now, in 2012, here in the United States, than you would have had at anytime since the Constitution was ratified. And if you were non white, non male, that condition is multiplied many fold more. If you don't understand, you are historically illiterate. If you were a native American, a Chinese laborer, a 5th generation black slave, you could be killed with impunity for just looking at someone in the eye who took offense, for the first 100 years.
      If you were a woman, not voting was the least of your worries. In many states, you couldn't own property unless you had a husband or a male heir. Even if you were wealthy, you were essentially the property of a male. Right up through most of the 20th century, you were systematically locked out of business of most any kind, forced to give birth to the child of any rapist.
      Through the first half of the twentieth century, if you were child in poverty, you could legally be sold into slavery on a western or southern farm, you could be castrated if someone thought you were odd, misbehaved, hyperactive. If you were a child in an American Indian tribe, you could be taken against yours and your parents will and shipped east for re-education.
      Today the freedom of language has gotten to the point of no bars at all in regards to vulgarity, political vitriol.
      In 1799, if you got on a stump and gave a speech that criticized the president of the U.S, you could be arrested, jailed and all your personal property seized forever, and it happened.

      The present threats to freedom come from the right, not the left. State laws curtailing the voting rights of the elderly and minority citizens and the suppression of women's health care. Failure of the supreme court to prevent wealth, foreign or domestic, from buying elections.

    • ...And the EO that keeps 'magically' being updated, is similar to

      the frog thrown into cold water. As the heat increases, the

      frog sits contented, until it eventually gets cooked. That's

      YOU... A frog unworried about a totalitarian state because

      'it's the same EO from 80 years ago, only updated by Cl/inton,

      updated by Bu*sh, and now updated by Obummer... WAKE UP,

      IDIOT!! How many updated EO's do you need before jumping out

      of the hot water before your frog is cooked????

    • 'I don't live in a totalitarian state. But I think you do.

      The EO you keep referring to is an updated version of an EO

      that has existed for 80 years. Updated by Clinton, updated by

      G Bush.'


      Too much for you to shake hands and live and let A

      proud 'stick in the mud' are ya!!

      No, you don't THINK you live in a totalitarian state, because you spend too much time drawing cartoon characters with fiber-nachi angles, which keeps your mind off of the totalitarian world you DO live in. And, that's your problem.

      Your head iz up your a*z/z where there is no lit bulb.

      ps I have to post my reply in parts becuz of the yahoo police

    • ' If you have no problem living in a totalitarian state, that is fine with me.'

      I don't live in a totalitarian state. But I think you do.

      The EO you keep referring to is an updated version of an EO that has existed for 80 years. Updated by Clinton, updated by G Bush.

    • A good question that should be asked of CHAT.

    • so why has chat created a fake persona of a dumb hillbilly on this board? just harmless fun?

    • Why not? He knows the countries politicians, he is well respected by the people of Tanzania, and he is 'da boss' of a soon-to-be gold mine. Ya think?

    • Ludwig,

      Just wondering why you mentioned the possibility of buying Jim's home at $3.5 M, and now you are saying you prefer Europe?

    • stormy,
      how disappointed are you going to be when the misery you so desire just never quite gets here?
      Will you be devastated?



      Maybe that question is the answer for me, as to why you so dislike me.

      I've never once stated a desire or wished for any devastation to occur. You can not find any post which would indicate that. If I post articles or point out facts on this forum it is to only pass on information. If this information frightens you, then I've achieved my goal; reasons to prepare oneself for a not-so-very-good economic world in general, and a not-so-very-good life in particular.

      Rather than ask this question in the first place, you've thrown punches at me from behind a fence. If you have no problem living in a totalitarian state, that is fine with me. But don't thwart off efforts by others, especially myself, in posting comments or making remarks that when gold/silver achieve unbelievable prices, that it will mean investor's will rejoice.

      I do hope you are right, in that this so-called misery you think 'I so desire', never gets here. From your mouth to Gods ears.

      Look around you and read the Executive Orders issued by the Prez, signed into law when everyone is asleep. I don't make this stuff up. You may be good at drawing market charts. Consider that I may be good at watching for signs of a once-free-country withering away.

      Let's stop attacking each other. I extended a hand in friendship to Chat, and he accepted. I now, extend my hand to you.

      GO TRX...GO CHAT...GO WOLF !!!

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