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  • jamesld2618 jamesld2618 Apr 18, 2012 3:35 PM Flag


    you raid your $30 billion pension fund in 2008 with $5 billion of free cash flow. then you nationalize POOR OLE SPAINS oil company. later on you can nationalize the gold and silver stocks and in five years you will be way ahead of the OLE US OF A!...anyone have any gold and silver stock in argentian?

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    • I was thinking about McEwen mining (MUX) but they have are a small company with operations in Argentina...They do have other mine located in Mexico and the U.S. that are to come on line but given they are still a small company (with kind of a large market cap for such a small company) that the risk of nationalization might be a dark cloud following the company that could take quite some time to shake off...Was thinking about XG too but they are completely in Argentina so forget that.

    • CHAT MAN, why is Argentina any different from other countries with it's natural resources being taken from her? Argentina has the right to take back it's natural resources......even at the expense of the investing company. That's the gamble the investor takes by doing business in exploring and taking away a countries wealth.

      As for Tanzania / TRX, or any other mining stocks - it's not that they aren't valuable...but that they are MUCH TOO VALUABLE!

      And, when the monetary crash hits .......ALL mines will be nationalized order to restart the system for the good of the people of that country.

      You hear me???.....FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY!!!

      You didn't think that there would be a handful of gold/silver investors, especially the investors here, who would become ULTRA RICH in the transition did you? Did you??

      Not a chance!!!!

      GO TRX!.....GO CHAT MAN!.....GO RON PAUL!

    • Of SOA's 32 participants, 30 voted to end Cuba's exclusion from future summits. Only Washington and Canada voted no. Banishment dates back half a century.

      The chasm between north america and south america widens. Latin states pursue their own agenda. It favors cooperation, not confrontation.

      Perhaps one day they'll abandon Washington altogether. It's an idea whose time has come. Maybe it'll catch on and spread. What better way to promote peace and prosperity.

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