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  • chartfaker chartfaker Mar 6, 2013 11:45 PM Flag

    Alchemy Financial report correct?

    This is on a site called Alchemy Financial
    I was debating whether I should put up Tanzanian Royalty, but a lot of people follow them so I guess I have to. But be sure to read the disclosures at the bottom. The short version is I work for TRX doing investor relations.
    Jim Sinclair is certainly not remaining idle with this company now. After acquiring the Buckreef project they now have a 43-101 proving 2.2 million ozs on that property alone with the hopes to expand that to 3-5 million in a couple of years. Production is expected to be 100-150k ozs a year within 2-2 1/2 years. Their Kigosi project is just "money in the bank" as Jim puts it as they expect the property to provide cash flow on it's easily produced surface rubble. From a technical aspect it has bounced very well. Today it sits above the 200 day MA. If it is able to maintain these levels a shot at 5 would be obvious."
    "proving" is an interesting word to describe resources. Is the 43-101 from August 2012 the latest? It says 1.74moz 1.74moz MEASURED & INDICATED and 0.98moz INFERRED. Are there any proven reserves?

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    • there are no proven reserves according to 43-101.
      the company has never claimed such.
      the alchemy financial report is not claiming it either.

      prove (prv)
      v. proved, proved or prov·en (prvn), prov·ing, proves
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    • '...Are there any proven reserves? '

      As Ludwig would say, 'probably, none'.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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