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  • keepshorting keepshorting Apr 17, 2013 7:22 PM Flag

    The juniors during the previous gold boom took off after gold crashed

    this is because it takes a 10+ years of digging around to find something and gold crashed before anything was the found. the foundation was laid during the boom and the deposits were found after the crash. i expect the same thing this time around. those with cash will be able to get 5 cent and 10 cent juniors and i am not talking about GARBAGE OVERHYPED PIGS like TRX.

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    • bullionairo Apr 17, 2013 7:34 PM Flag

      They can't raise enough coin at 10 cents/share unless they dilute to infinity. that's why BIG $$$ and/or sovereign funds will come in and clean house, paying off shareholders with peanuts and controlling the supply. Now they don't have to report squat to anyone, let the physical market heat up due to supply constraints engineered by them, then go for the final fleecing by going public at much higher prices, dumping the mines back onto the zombies as gold peaks.......

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      • bullionairo,

        There are a few cashed up explorers that have 10+ million in the bank that will be trading below cash in the bank. It happened in 2008. Those are the ones u want to gamble on. Not the ones with less than a million in the treasury. As I said in another thread, the ability to raise money in this environment just went to 0. NOBODY is going to put their neck on the line.

        But I agree with you about private money. Imagine a hedge fund with 5 billion to gamble with. They could buy some sweet undeveloped properties that have already gone through a ton of geological work. Wait till the dust settles and the market calms down and then cashout several years from now. The CEO of a junior who knows he has the goods but can't raise the money will have no choice but to sell for 10 cents on the dollar.

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      • bullionairo Apr 17, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

        And if they go belly up or bankrupt, no more shareholders anyway. Its a win win. The rapists buy out the assets at pennies on the dollars and bury the remaining zombies that held on.

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