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  • jamesld2618 jamesld2618 Aug 3, 2013 2:31 PM Flag



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    • I love it when our #$%$ pathetic psycho conscientious objector is talking about a chick farm. Whick came first, talking about canada, become a co or be a medic!...did they give you a gun?...did you even load it?... You have a nice day and stand your

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      • You are such an idiot. You make me laugh. Aren't you the one signed up into the National Guard?? Did you put in for a purple heart from a finger stuck in a typewriter?

        Get this straight before your mouth pukes up more drivel.

        No medic was a CO. And, if they were, they got the raw end of the deal. When the SHTF, and all infantry hit the deck, the medics work began, jumping to aid the fallen. If you think that was an easy job, think again. All medics were armed, and carried as much ammo as any regular infantry, besides their medic bag. A very few chose not to carry a weapon thinking the VC or NVA would not shoot a medic. Dummies like you. But even they had more guts than you sitting behind a typewriter in the good ole USA. How many medals do you wear on Memorial Day? Do you brag to the guys at the American Legion Post that you were a POW? Hahahaha. A pathetic loser, both in the military, and in your investments.

        I know you won't reply. You're like the VC; hit and run.

    • he has to make money somehow! the sheep will never suspect a thing. he does this out of the goodness of his heart and a FIFTY dollar donation to the Second Coming of Sai Baba fund.....

    • No much progress for a "quick start" project. Good thing SIncliar has been on the speaking tour. Perhaps he should be working on doing something at Kigosi. Things like ordering equipment, mobilizing a workforce. Isn't this supposed to be the easy to mine surface gravels. At the AGM two years ago, he said you could get the equipment at your local home improvement retailer. Watch was Sincliar does for important clues to what is really happening.

    • $0 is coming.

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