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  • jbfan139 jbfan139 Apr 12, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Littlefeets still buying. LOL

    Accoring to his post on IHUB, littlefeets took a look at his pro and con list and decided to buy more. I guess Barnum and Bailey was right. There is one born every moment. If I were to make a pro and con list on WBND the pro side would be one word and the con side would be about 2 pages. The ONLY pro I can come up with is that the stock has already dropped about 99% from it's high so it doesn't have much further to drop before it hits zero. It's already worthless but the share price hasn't quite caught up with the value yet. If you have a bridge to sell Littlefeets just might be interested. LOL