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  • jbfan139 jbfan139 Apr 19, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Lightbeam still crying on IHUB

    A few years back he did some silly home made videos of himself cleaning products off his hands with Winning colours and I guess he thought these videos were going to save the company with a huge increase in sales once the 6 people on IHUB watched them. One of them was himself cleaning some pipe dope off his hands. I was a plumber for years and pipe dope comes off very easily with simple dish soap or any type of degreaser. that is much cheaper than the WNBD product. Now after all these years he is still whining that the CEO didn't give him a billion shares or make him the CEO of the company for those silly videos. If nothing else, those home made videos did give a few people a good laugh. IHUB WNBD mods have to be the biggest bunch of losers of all the people that use the IHUB site.