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  • jrfillion jrfillion Apr 25, 2011 10:59 AM Flag

    A stellar report, upgrades, and down

    1.4%!!! Do traders even look at fundamentals at all? Are there any investors out there or just daytraders? Volume is very small. It is frustrating. I feel like buying even more; but I really have a huge part of my portfolio here already. I see this alot in many stocks; good news leads to a selloff; it makes no sense unless someone powerful is purposely pushing it down. Is that possible? and Why?
    I won't sell into this crap; the dividend is golden for at least a year and probably two.

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    • Hi JR,

      Some what in the same boat as you. However I am about at 30-40% cash and waiting to add more CYS. You can't beat the dividend and the turn around values on the most recent fundamentals for CYS. And of the MREITS in this link;

      I believe CYS has the best opportunity for short term appreciation as well as good fixed income returns on dividend income. Although I haven't crunched the most recent 1Q data, the numbers came in very positive for future growth and retained dividend pay out.

      I don't see mortgage rates following a normal trend. However the feds may be easing up on credit with QE 2 phase out. It doesn't signal a tightening up of the money supply.

      Alot of money is still on the sidelines right now eroding in low interest rate accounts that can't begin to keep pace with current inflation.
      The next best strategy is to find a high dividend payout with secured backing..
      MREITS are the best haven even in a recessionary period.


    • The 40 cent divy "when tailwinds abate" spooked the market. Of course, when these tailwinds abate, it will be the same for all agency REITs. Notably, CYS had the biggest drop today, but there is nothing to warrant that. They easily covered their divvy and increased their valuation. Therefore, it is time to back the truck.

    • Heya bud, calm down. This is a stock you own for the dividend, not for growth or anything else. The price will fluctuate and be all over the place.

      I frankly don't care that much what the pps does, as long as they don't screw with the divy.

      If I want growth, I own several other stocks for that.

    • "obviously hostilke action as increasing the short rate?'
      I guess I should have said...
      Ben will say:The Fed will be watching "any indication" of inflation and will make any necessary adjustments.
      Just the words "watching" will send shivers.

      I have CYS and wish I had sold last week at 12.35

    • They are betting it will be mid to lower $11s after Bernanke talks on Wednesday. He is going to tell us inflation is real and QE ends with tightening on interest policy.
      Poof... the MREITS crash.

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      • And why specifically would any of that cause MREITs to crash? How is MREITs tied to inflation, QE2, interest policy? It is tied to short interest (i.e., fed rate) but it's the delta not the rate.

        Many MREITs have been around for 10 years or so and have seen ups and downs in rates. Stillm they manage to post good div because the payout 80% or more of the profits. If all companies paid out 80%, now we would be in trouble, because of some real competition, but thats not the case.

      • QE2 will end. That's already baked in. Also baked in is poor performance but the report says performance is good and will stay good going forward.
        What this is about is "technicals"; fundamentals may determine where a stock is going eventually, but technicals determine the path it will take getting there. Even though it is crazy; that's the way it is. Seen it more times than I can count. That's why you can make money by understanding that.

        It is now beginning to recover.

      • jackhiller Apr 25, 2011 1:12 PM Flag

        The Pres and Dem Senate of course want the economy picking up going into the 2012 election--do you really think that the Fed will act to thwart the Dems in such an obviously hostilke action as increasing the short rate? Insane (said using English understatement to keep the language polite).

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