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  • instantwinbutton instantwinbutton Nov 12, 2012 8:33 PM Flag

    The chart for CYS's effect on fair value

    Analytics provided by The Yield Book ®  Software
    While the charts above reflect the estimated immediate impact of interest rate increases and decreases on a static portfolio, we rebalance our portfolio from time to time either to take advantage or minimize the impact of changes in interest rates. Additionally, the effects of interest rate changes on our portfolio illustrated in the above chart do not take into account the effect that our hedging instruments, mainly interest rate swaps and caps, would have on the fair value of our portfolio, but do take into account the effect that our hedging instruments, would have on our net income exclusive of the effect on fair value. Generally, our interest rate swaps reset in the quarter following changes in interest rates. It is important to note that the impact of changing interest rates on fair value and net income can change significantly when interest rates change beyond 75 basis points from current levels. Therefore, the volatility in the fair value of our assets could increase significantly when interest rates change beyond 75 basis points. In addition, other factors impact the fair value of and net income from our interest rate-sensitive investments and hedging instruments, such as the shape of the yield curve, market expectations as to future interest rate changes and other market conditions. Accordingly, in the event of changes in actual interest rates, the change in the fair value of our assets and our net income would likely differ from that shown above, and such difference might be material and adverse to our stockholders.

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    • This chart, (NOT INCLUDED IN ABOVE) is from the 10-Q. So What does it mean? Why is the downside risks 3x the upside? Why is it that we lose 3x net income when interest rates go up and gain only 1x what is shown on interest rates going down. Like why only 3.66% net income gained from 25 bp decrease in rates but a NEGATIVE 9.15% drop in net income for rates going up 25 bp. This chart makes no sense. Can someone explain?

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