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  • michaelkosanovichkosanovich michaelkosanovichkosanovich Apr 21, 2013 6:27 PM Flag



    CYS is priced cheaply compared to other M reits... Also much much less leverage......Also our ace in the hole....When QE ends this will only help us.....more interest rate spreads,,,,, more profit! Finally this market is seeking yield,,,,,,,, and they will continue buying mreits for the dividends other stocks will selloff but not so much for us gl we are looking pretty good here

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    • Stock is a turd!

    • When QE ends the financial world will collapse. For decades a conservative saver could get 6% on a US 30 year government bond. Then the Feds thirst for money shortened the term to 10 year and 2 year, all the while stealing the entire excess in the Social Security Trust fund (trillions). Mortgage rates are 3% and real estate is a hard sell. There should be a housing boom at 3%. If bond rates returned to 6% the US government would default on it's debt ($1 trillion in interest alone).
      The massive debt has us destined to economic failure, plus the cost of Obamacare and massive regulation of everything.
      I'm 77; I saw this coming, the parasites outnumber the hosts. 15 million on SSI even though the workplace is safer then ever. 50 million (mostly obese) on food stamps.

    • won't the fed easing lower demands for MBS and thus lower book value? Could make new purchases accretive yes but new purchases small percent of total percent

      and easing of fed purchases, woudln't that lead to trasury rates rising, whcih would then provide more competition for high yield vehicles like mREIT's

      not trying to bash just to understand the dynamics that could influence future price movements

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